To already sum up: If I had a friend asking for someone to help looking for a place to stay in NYC, I would recommend Rose without hesitating. I looked for a fully furnished apartment with laundry in unit for a four months rental. Because I came across one of her listings, I wrote to Rose. She answered within a few minutes, explaining me that the listing is not a perfect match, but that she will find something for me and arranged a zoom call in the same day to talk with me about everything. Fast replies and reliability are something, I have received constantly during this process. If I had a question, I received a fast reply or a note that I’ll arrive soon. Moreover, Rose organized the whole communication with my guarantors and landlords and also contacted them for me or called if they did not answer. I had the feeling that she was really interested in finding something for me, but not just something – something that I really like. Whenever, I asked about seeing more options, Rose continued her search with the same engagement as before. All in all, finding an apartment wasn’t a huge worry when preparing for New York, because I thought Rose will help me so that it will work out. Furthermore, she was really transparent about everything: In the beginning, she informed me about the broker fee and difficulties meeting all my wishes due to the market – however, they were fulfilled. Also, she honestly shared her thoughts about possible apartments and came across with some good advice about the areas. For me, as someone just having visited NYC once, her hints – such as looking for a good bus connection – were very helpful. Last, but not least: I liked that Rose shared my excitement about coming to New York which made me even more exited about finally being there. So, whenever someone would need a recommendation or if I’d look for an apartment again, I would contact Rose and ask for her amazing, especially reliable help again.”