Gus (Constantinos) is the representative I worked with to rent for me a vacant apartment. I have never used a real estate broker before nor has my mother before me nor her father before her in the 80 + years we have collectively owned this precious family building. So, when unexpectedly an apartment became vacant (due to financial burdens placed on one of my  tenants due to Covis) I was caught off guard and didn’t know how to begin or where to turn during these unusual and tough times. And, then I was introduced to Gus. I met him on the recommendations of a good neighborhood friend whom owns several buildings and has used Gus’ services before and raved to me about Gus as a person and the best agent he has ever interacted with. My friend wasn’t kidding!

As I quick side note, I worked on Wall Street for 42 years in various Banks and Brokerage firms. I had a wonderful successful career. One thing the experience taught me, however, along with many many positives – was that unfortunately some folks especially revenue generators could at times get blinded by their goals and numbers/quotas – and come across as a little pushy, know it all, condescending, not real –  well you get the picture. How refreshing to have met and worked with Gus. What a professional, with no airs, solid and “a real person” you folks have there.

He is trustworthy, speaks honestly, gives great sound advise, shares his insights, easy to talk to, knowledgeable, caring, hard working, relentless, approachable, available  – and to add to all that, he also wrote up a beautiful description and representation of the vacant apartment.  Look, I can go on and on. I was extremely impressed, comfortable, pleased  and trusted him 100 percent. The apartment got rented quickly – but this review and my impression would be the same whether it was still on the market or not. Bottom line  I plan to no longer go the “word of mouth route” and use Gus exclusively – AND absolutely will start recommending him to others with no hesitation or reservations whatsoever!