People tell me all the time that New Yorkers are so rude.

My experiences have varied but some just outweigh the rest…

Please take time to read, I recently met a broker (Julien Bettelheim) who helped me find my first nyc apartment (Side happy dance).

I cannot move in until the 31st, but since it’s in the city It’s also hard to take my things. I ordered a bed to not be delivered until the 31st. Guess what. It was delivered today. I reached out to my broker informing him and requesting maybe he contact the super or that I’d come and move it but I don’t have the keys yet. He said he would go after work, I insisted he didn’t as it was inconvenient for him from Wall Street. I woke up to a text at midnight saying he put it Inside.

So what’s the big deal??? He carried a heavy box up 5 flights of stairs after working a full day and commuted from Wall Street to midtown. I invested a significant amount of money in this apartment, I’m starting a new position, and I have a new puppy.

My broker (Julien Bettelheim) knew this because he took the time to talk to me during our lease signing. He was helpful, clear, honest, fair and direct. He worked with me to get a price I could work with. This broker went out of his way to ensure a bed made it inside safely, because it was important to me. He knew losing a bed would’ve been a financial hit. He cared. He went above and beyond. It literally brought me to tears this morning because seeing compassion is moving.

If your ever looking For a broker Julien Bettelheim at Platinum Properties.

And Platinum Properties you need to give this man a raise!! Not a promotion!!!