Im writing to express my gratitude for your help in getting approved for our apartment . We all know that this wouldn’t have been possible without you going the extra mile to advocate for us as people, rather than just a pile of financial documents. You have no idea what a huge relief, what a lucky break, it was for us to land this apartment. The vast majority of my experiences looking for housing, easily 9 out of 10 transactions, have either been neutral or very negative.
On top of that, these last few weeks have been an extremely stressful time as a frontline healthcare worker who’s been through all of COVID, It was demoralizing, honestly, working hard at a job that requires so much skill, knowledge and responsibility, and thinking we wouldn’t be able to afford an apartment bigger than a shoe box without giving an arm and a leg.
It’s not often that I’m on the client side of this type of transaction, and almost never that I’ve walked away genuine ly impressed. Thank you for being one of the good guys. Your small act of kindness has made a big impact in our lives and we are truly grateful for your help.