So, we’ve showed you the best tips on how to pack up all your things for a move.

You might be thinking “Okay, Platinum. I followed your advice on that… but, now what do I do with all these boxes filled with stuff?!”

No worries — we’ve got tips lined up for unpacking, too.


1. Clean everything up

  • Take advantage of an empty apartment
  • Wipe down the surfaces of every room
  • Don’t count on your landlord for a thorough cleanse


2. Make a plan

  • Map out how you want to place your furniture
  • If you have the physical floor plan, draw directly on it
  • It helps even more if you know all the dimensions
  • You’ll avoid having to rearrange furniture over and over
  • It’ll save you time and energy later on


3. Organize your boxes

  • Get everything out of the moving truck
  • Tackle one room at a time
  • Unpack only the essentials before anything else


4. Prioritize: Bedroom → Kitchen → Bathroom

  • Set up a spot to crash – no one wants to make their bed after a long day of unpacking!
  • Make sure there’s food and water available for you and the movers
  • Don’t forget you’ll need toilet paper!


5. Check off as you go

  • Remember the inventory list of boxes you made while you were packing?
  • Now is the time to check off items as you unpack!
  • You’ll know if:
    • something is missing
    • something broke on the way


6. Wait ‘til you’re done to set up the TV

  • Having the TV in plain sight is a huge distraction
    • You don’t want to be tempted to sit down for a Bravo TV marathon
    • You don’t want to fall asleep on the couch during the marathon
    • Next thing you know… it’s day 2 and you still don’t have a coffee table
  • Set up a stereo or speakers instead
  • Listening to your favorite music can make unpacking more fun


7. Non-essentials

  • Work your way a room at a time
  • Start unpacking the left over boxes
  • If you’re moving during the summer, leave your winter clothes in storage
  • If you’re moving during the winter, leave your summer clothes in storage


8. Avoid chaos

  • Break down boxes as you go
  • Throw away any excess wrapping or packaging materials
  • You’ll be able to see your progress as the boxes dwindle
  • Routinely clean up – don’t let the dust from the boxes accumulate on the floor


9. Decorate!

  • It’s your home, make it feel that way
  • Add your own personal touches
  • Check out some antique shops nearby for cool décor
  • Consider space-saving furniture and decorations


10. Don’t obsess!

  • The goal is to unpack, not to have everything perfect right away
  • Unpacking shouldn’t take weeks, but it usually isn’t done in a couple hours
  • If you need a break, take a break!



Now that you know the best ways to pack and unpack, the transition into your new NYC apartment should be a smooth one.

If you’re still on the hunt to find your new apartment, you can: