Unless you find yourself in a brand new apartment, most bathrooms in NYC apartments are either outdated, small or have a “interesting” layout. Because of that, it’s not uncommon to consider renovating this frequently-used space. Unfortunately, bathroom renovations don’t come cheap, so you’ll want to spend your money wisely. 

Experts advise renovating with your own wishes in mind as you will be the one using the bathroom every day for as long you’ll stay in this home. But at the same time, it’s not a bad idea to also think about doing renovations to increase the property’s resale value since buyers are certainly looking at the condition of a bathroom. Not sure where to begin? We’ll tell you our top 5 bathroom renovations that are most likely to increase your quality of life and overall property value.

Radiant-heat flooring

This is definitely the most satisfying, cost-efficient, and luxurious improvement for your bathroom. Compared to other bathroom renovations, adding radiant heat to your bathroom floor is relatively low cost ($10 per sq ft + installation costs), especially if you’re retiling the floor anyway. It brings comfort and warmth, can provide energy savings in the long run, and is a well-appreciated feature for new homeowners.


One easy thing that can make a huge impact is lighting, which can be tricky in a bathroom. Having good light in your bathroom is important – it should be bright enough to put on make-up or trim a beard, but not too bright for when you want to relax in your tub. It’s best to put two or three different lights at different spots in your bathroom – think of overhead light, frontal light or mood light – and put them on separate switches so you can decide between soft or bright.

Walk-in shower

Instead of having to shower in the bathtub, it’s very convenient to have a glass-enclosed walk-in shower. Not only does it look modern, but it’s also way more accessible as you don’t have to climb over anything.

Another most-wanted improvement is switching out your standard showerhead for a rainfall showerhead. Take it even further and upgrade to a steam shower or put two shower heads on each side of the shower to give it an even more luxurious feel.

Tiling the entire wall

Something that has grown in popularity over the last few years is the use of tiles from floor-to-ceiling. Painting is, of course, possible as well and is considered a cheaper option, but with tiles, you get that polished, sophisticated look. Go ahead and cover all the walls with the same tile or match the tile with the surface of the countertop for greatest effect.

Soaking tub

If space allows it, putting a separate tub in addition to a walk-in shower is something worth considering. A tub is great for kids and having both a shower and tub will satisfy different people with different needs.

With these tips in mind, you can start renovating your bathroom both for yourself and increasing your property’s resale value. Any questions? Click here or call 646.681.5272 with your questions to speak with an agent from Platinum Properties! We’re standing by to help you through every step of the real estate process, whether that’s guiding your rental search, selling or buying a home, or anything in between.