If you’re a resident of the Big Apple or will be visiting New York City, you may want to enjoy the city with your dog. With that in mind, you likely desire to do more than visit a neighborhood dog park. You want to find truly enjoyable activities in NYC for both you and your pooch. There are five unique, enjoyable destinations in New York City you can share with your dog.

Ride a Ferry

A tremendous way to take in Manhattan is a trip on the Seastreak Ferry. The Seastreak Ferry welcomes leashed dogs on board their watercraft.

One option available to you and your pooch is a trip from 35th Street in Manhattan ending at Wall Street. This trek provides you and your dog a tremendous view of the city.

You can also take a Seastreak journey with your canine all the way to the Atlantic Highlands. This is a notably longer ferry trip. The trip gives you an amazing view of the Statute of Liberty.

If you have a smaller dog, you can take a free trip on the Staten Island Ferry. This gives you the opportunity to take in another borough and enjoy fun water passage with your canine buddy.

Visit an Art Gallery

The Big Apple truly is a pet-friendly city. In recent times, more and more venues and destinations have opened their doors to humans and their dogs. One such example is the highly regarded William Secord Gallery.

The Secord located on the lovely Upper East Side. The proprietors welcome any leashed pet into their space. The Secord is leading the way when it comes to welcoming dogs to art venues, but more galleries are expected to follow suit in the not too distant future.

One of the motivating reasons why the Secord is on the proverbial pooch bandwagon is because of the types of work the gallery specializes in showing. The Secord specializes in 19th century dog and animal paintings. It also displays some of the smartest contemporary art featuring canines.

Take a Walking Tour

New York City is famous for its walking tours. A resident or visitor to the city can enjoy a guided waking tour of some of the most renowned neighborhoods in the Big Apple.

Dogs are welcome on most walking tours in the city. Most of the neighborhood walking tours are organized by Tawny Tours, an enterprise run by Art Zuckerman. Many of the Tawny Tour ventures include stops at dog parks and meals at dog-friendly bistros. A person interested in a dog-friendly walking tour can contact Tawny Tours for specific information about particular options.

Visit a Park

Madison Square Park is keen on welcoming dogs and their humans to the grounds. Madison Square Park is particularly inviting to pooches and people during the summer months.

The park comes complete with a dog run. In addition, it is a lovely expanse to take a leisurely, lovely stroll with your dog.

What is uniquely special about a visit to Madison Square Park with your dog is Shake Shack. Shake Shack is an ideal location to top of a visit to the park for a meal for both you and your pooch. Leashed pets are permitted on the pleasant outdoor seating area at Shake Shack.

Shake Shack serves a frozen pet treat called a Poochini. The Poochini includes Shackburger dog biscuits, vanilla custard, and peanut butter sauce. In addition, you can get bags of plain Shackburger treats for your companion canine as well.

Central Park is also a perfect place to spend time with your dog. In many ways, no visit to New York is complete without exploring the iconic park. Of course, a resident of the Big Apple should take advantage of all that Central Park has to offer whenever possible.

Grub, Libations, and Shopping

Finally, when it comes eats, drinks, and shopping in New York City, an ever-increasing number of restaurants, bars, and stores welcome leashed dogs and their humans. As a result, you can take in so much of what the city has to offer in the way of dining, drinking, and shopping with your pet at your side.

You can easily check online or call a particular establishment to ascertain what is and isn’t permissible when it comes to patronizing with a pet. Even some of the most iconic stores in the city welcome dogs into their spaces including:

  • Bloomingdale’s
  • Saks
  • Bergdorf’s
  • Barney’s

On an additional note, there is a growing number of establishments in the city that cater to pups beyond commonplace dog parks For example, Water 4 Dogs in Tribeca is a unique facility with a warm dog-friendly pool and other water features. These are germ-treated with ultra-violet light to keep canine guests safe from bacteria.


Jessica Kane is a writer for Handicapped Pets, your most trusted source for dog wheelchairs and harnesses.