Is it possible to find an apartment without the help of a licensed real estate agent? Of course.

Is it a simple task? Not so much.

Many buyers and sellers are against using agents because they would rather go through the struggle of searching on their own instead of paying a fee.

But is not paying a fee really worth it if you would have to end up living with this woman?

…or having to share a unit with this guy?

Yeah… we didn’t think so either. We’re here to tell you the big reasons why it’s better to work with an agent when searching for a new home or trying to sell your current one.

1. Convenience

  • Apartment hunting takes up a lot of time and energy – that’s what an agent is for
  • No need to waste time checking out spots that aren’t worth seeing when the agent already knows what some properties look like beforehand
  • Plus, they’ll tell you what a building really means when they say “pet-friendly

2. Industry Knowledge

  • Don’t forget that an agent’s job literally revolves around finding apartments
  • They understand the current state of the market and what it means for you
  • They’ll break down how much you can actually afford
  • Advise you on making a smart decision between renting and buying

3. Resources

  • Your agent has a vast professional network and full access to multiple listing services
  • Larger selection of suitable homes for you to choose from
  • No need to obsess over marketing and advertising because they’ll do it for you
  • Agents know what to do to sell quickly (staging, open houses, etc.)

4. Taking Care of Business


  • Your agent will deal and negotiate with the other party on your behalf
  • Allow them take care of the paperwork – minor mistakes can cost a fortune
  • The agent will make sure to steer clear of any inquiries that don’t seem serious
  • They’ll make sure your financials and credentials are ready to go

5. Helping Hand

  • Agents are especially great if you aren’t familiar with area
  • Let them show you around the neighborhood you’re looking into
  • Look to your agent to recommend other services such as movers, cleaners, or furniture stores
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions about anything and everything – they’ll be happy to answer


Instead of spending all your time browsing listings, calling landlords, and running around the city, how about you take some time to relax at one of the best pools in Manhattan while your agent does the work.

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