With so many young technology companies flocking to New York’s “Silicon Alley”, it was only a matter of time before a slew of amazing office spaces began popping up. Here are 5 of the coolest NYC company headquarters.


The fundraising website recently moved from the Lower East Side to spacious Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Their new office has a beautiful library feel to it, but with tons of sunlight from the sprawling glass windows. Outside, this shiny new office has a 8,500 sq ft roof deck with its own rainwater irrigation system.


Residing in the ever-popular DUMBO area of Brooklyn, handmade goods distributor ETSY has one of the more beautiful offices in the city. With lots of bright color and DIY accessories, you’ll get the feel of this company just by walking around their sunshiney office.

New York Times

The office you can see from miles away. The large glass towers boasting the famous news source’s name make their office tough to miss. Not to mention the state-of-the-art shading system and hypoallergenic ventilation inside.


The Wonderfactory office feels more like a fantasy movie than a workplace. Upon entering, it appears like you just stepped into a cramped library. After pulling a tassel, it reveals the bright, ethereal, and unique office layout. Each room has a different theme and feel to it.


Taking the cake on best offices in the country, Google’s Chelsea Market office has everything you’d expect. This $1.8 billion dollar space has built-in slides, tons of video games, and its own private (and free!) kitchen. An employee also recently confirmed that Google’s Manhattan HQ does in fact have living quarters in case employees are just too spent to make it home.