The title says it all so we won’t waste your time.

Manhattan luxury apartment broker Platinum Properties has sourced advice from respected design/lifestyle site Houzz, couples living outlet The Nest and home improvement giant Lowes to bring you the 6 most common ways to make a small home space seem larger:

1. Color

– Use light (as opposed to bright or dark), monochromatic and neutral colors
– Cool colors will make your walls to appear receded
– Do not paint the ceiling of your NYC luxury home a dark color.
– Make sure your floors are light (light rug, light colored wood, etc.)
– Don’t overwhelm your space with overtly bright elements
– Combined rooms should have similar color schemes
– Incorporate colors from the outside within the room

2. Light

– Maximize the amount of natural light you allow into your room
– Use recessed spot lighting. Try a torchiere lamp to bounce light off the ceiling and walls.
– Sky lights and solar tubes can make a world of difference

3. Clutter

– Get rid of supposedly functional items you haven’t used in over a year
– Add a floor to ceiling, wall to wall book case. It will spread the room out and give you a place to put all your ‘treasures.’ Leave some of the shelf space empty to produce an airy look.
– Use hanging shoe organizers to hold things other than shoes

4. Mirrors

– Use them
– Huge wall mirrors
– Be daring and hang a series of mirror slabs to create design and space.

5. Patterns

– Use smaller prints
– Use plain fabrics for rugs
– Sometimes one large piece of wall art can work better than multiple small pieces

6. Furniture

– Ottomans are footrests, chairs and coffee tables in one. They also have hidden storage spaces. They’re pretty much the most functional things ever.
– Do not use too much furniture. One or two large pieces are better than four or more small ones. Having too many chairs will create a cluttered look.
– Float your furniture if you have to. Not everything needs to be stacked against a wall
– When not in use, it can be prudent to stow some furniture away
– Sofas and armchairs with raised legs create more space underneath
– Glass and Lucite tables give the appearance of open space


Design is an often overlooked but extremely valuable aspect of furnishing ones home. It’s almost more important for recent college graduates than anyone. It’s more than likely grads have spent the last four years studing and getting drunk instead of turning dorm rooms into homes. Those of us who are a bit older have a better grasp on what works. Regardless of your age, the above tips can 100% turn your Manhattan apartent from the space you sleep to the place you dream of.