The second one of those housewarming Evites pops up in your e-mail inbox, you start to panic. You know you can’t show up empty handed but you’re just not the kind of person that leads with Pinterest-worthy housewarming gifts. And you know the last thing your friend needs is another impersonal bottle of wine.

We’re here to save the day, and your gift-giving reputation, with our list of 7 unique housewarming gifts to impress even your most domestic friends.

A Basket of Tools

The last thing you want to do when you move into a new place is run out and get all those hardware and emergency storm essentials you hope you never have to use but always do. Put together a cute gift basket with hardware essentials, flash lights and candles, and perhaps even an emergency wine opener.


Credit: Pixabay

A Walking Tour of the New Neighborhood

Did your host or hostess just move to a new ‘hood? Buy them tickets to a food, bar or street art tour in their new neighborhood. Sure they might feel a little like a tourist in their own city, but they’ll surely get a good look at all the great places they will want to explore in their new spot.

A Smart Door Lock

Is your friend notorious for locking themselves out of their apartment? If they’ve purchased a place and can change the locks, a “smart door lock” is a great idea for a unique housewarming gift. This will allow them to open their door with their iPhone the next time they lose their keys after too many margaritas at Happy Hour… if only they can stop losing their phone, too.

A Seamless Gift Card

This may seem like it doesn’t require a lot of thought, but if you’re looking for a last minute gift we know that almost every friend you have will appreciate a Seamless gift card. The last thing you want to do when you just spent all your energy moving into your new apartment is to start cooking a big meal. Any friend will appreciate a few nights of food delivery – on you!

A Home Cleaning

Depending on how good of a friend the new homeowner is, you may consider gifting them a 2-hour home cleaning. Unpacking tends to dirty up an apartment pretty quickly and once they have all their things put away, it would feel really nice to let someone else clean the place. If you’re on a budget, maybe you even want to offer yourself up as the person doing the cleaning!

A Beautiful Throw Blanket

A beautiful throw blanket is a housewarming gift that almost anyone can get on board with. Living in a city where you’re almost always guaranteed a house guest, we are all always looking for some extra blankets. Finding a super soft, thick blanket will also have your friend thinking fondly of all through the cold NYC winter.

A Session with a Home Organizer or Interior Designer

Depending on your relationship with your host or hostess, they may appreciate a session with a home organizer or interior designer as a housewarming gift. Tread lightly on this one and whether or not your friend would think you are suggesting they have bad taste or are disorganized – but for those that would be excited about the extra help, they will really be impressed with your creativity. You can arrange for them to have a one-hour consultation to get all kinds of tips for having the cutest, most well-organized apartment in all of Manhattan.

Housewarming parties don’t have to be a source of stress for you as we move into the busy spring moving season. With a little creativity and planning, you’ll be excited to present your host or hostess with a housewarming gift you know they will love and use.