Moving into your very own place in NYC for the first time is exciting! But guess what? It also means that you can’t put off adulting anymore. Getting your own place means that you’ll need to start taking on some responsibilities, like knowing what to do with your recycling or making sure you’re covered in case of an emergency.

But don’t worry – we’ve laid the basics out for you. Here are the most important things you need to do when you first move into your new home.

Get important contact info

Who you gonna call when your toilet backs up? It’s safe to say that the most important person in your building is the one who responds to your problems. Whether it’s a superintendent, a management company, or a maintenance manager, get the contact info you’re supposed to use when an issue arises. And be friendly! You don’t want to find yourself perpetually at the bottom of their to-do list.

Sign up for insurance

If you’re renting, then we strongly suggest that you invest in renters insurance. While your landlord’s insurance will cover the structure itself, it doesn’t cover your personal property. Renters insurance is inexpensive and protects you from the loss or destruction of your belongings. It also provides liability insurance if someone is injured in your home and covers additional expenses should your place become uninhabitable. Don’t skimp on renters insurance – it’s a must.

Take stock of your stuff

Whether you’re renting or you purchased your home, you’ll want to inventory your stuff. This is super important should you need to file a claim with your insurance company and will also help you determine how much coverage you need. It’s pretty simple to create a home inventory by taking pictures or video of what you own and storing those files in the cloud. Here’s a good primer that walks you through the process.

Know where to go

Adulting means buying groceries, wearing clean clothes, and getting to work on time. It’s safe to say you should scope out where to go nearby to get what you need. If you don’t have laundry in your apartment or building, where’s the nearest Laundromat? Where can you buy toilet paper or get cash? You should also get familiar with all your public transportation options. What subways and bus lines are closest to your place? How will you get to work and back each day? Check out this TimeOut article for the best transportation apps in the city to help you plan.

Understand the rules

Your lease will tell you what you need to know about living in your new place. It’ll cover the basics, like how and when to dispose of your trash and recycling. You may also discover in your lease that you’re required to put down rugs to minimize noise or that smoking is prohibited in the building and/or your apartment. Some buildings even have quirky rules, like no welcome mats outside your door and no wearing flip-flops in the lobby. If you want to adult responsibly in your new place, you need to familiarize yourself with the rules and follow them.

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