Summer in the city and Independence Day is coming up. Whether you decide to sweat it out in the concrete jungle, or head out of town, one thing’s for sure. You should celebrate the 4th of July with some great food. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Go Traditional with a BBQ

But there’s no need to get stuck in a rut of hamburgers and hot dogs. Grill a steak with a chimichurri sauce for an Argentinian flair, or grill chicken and pineapple for a taste of Hawaiian islands. Throw some of summer’s favorite on the BBQ, corn on the cob and dress it up with herb butter and parmesan cheese. Or forget about a rut, and stick with the classics and enjoy it. Chips, potato rolls, lettuce, pickles, ketchup and mustard. No one’s going to be complaining about boring.

Or Head Far Out of Left Field and Get Creative with Dessert

Keep the grill, but keep your guests guessing with some truly inventive choices. How about grilled polenta? Or a S’mores calzone? Stop by Dunkin’s or Krispy Kremes and see what happens when you throw donuts on the grill (hint: it’s delicious!). How about a recipe for a pound cake with pineapple salsa and tequila whipped cream. You can have your cake and not even turn on the oven.

No Grill, No Problem

So one of the things about living in NYC is not everyone has access to a BBQ or outdoor space. You could go to a park that lets you grill, or you could choose to keep it simple. Remember, we’re celebrating America’s Independence Day, and one of the best things about this country is how many foods and cultures we represent. There’s no right way to celebrate the holiday. Cook a pork shoulder in a slow cooker to avoid raising the temperature of your apartment and serve it as a Carolina style pulled pork sandwich or turn it into Al Pastor tacos. A crisp cool cabbage slaw on the side is the perfect refreshing accompaniment. For dessert, if you’re not adverse to turning on your oven how about a strawberry and blueberry shortcake. The whipped cream makes it red, white and blue. Too hot for baking? Just pick up some berries and gelato at the corner store.


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