In the coolest section of the greatest city in the world, the revitalized Financial District, we wanted the real scoop on where the truly great places to eat, to drink, to relax were, the places the people of the Financial District know to be the best of the best in their own neighborhood!

We asked 4 long- time residents and workers their recommendation on the best Fidi spots. Online reviews have nothing on these expert Fidi lovers!


We interviewed:

Jeff – a single, cultured guy who works on Wall Street and has lived at several Fidi addresses.

Sienna – Midwest transplant settled in NYC for 14 years now, but has called Fidi home for over ten years.

Ali – Sienna’s sister with her own take on Fidi, her favorite part of the city where she both works and plays.

Santiago – Global businessman and traveler, who grew up in Fidi and after seeing the world, says nothing compares.


Best Fidi pizza spot?

Jeff: Easy, Adrienne.

Sienna: Underground Pizza.

Ali: Definitely Underground Pizza.

Santiago: I’ve ordered from Underground Pizza for over 20 years. I’m Underground VIP.


Best Fidi Bar?

Jeff: Even easier, Dead Rabbit (literally ranked one of best in the world for cocktails); Harry’s bar is also great.

Sienna: Mad Dog has the best margaritas!

Ali: Mad Dog. They have the best margaritas! (Author’s note: We love sisters who think and drink alike!)

Santiago: I’m also a VIP at every Fidi Bar from 92’-present, but lately you can find me at Pier A.


Best Fidi new restaurant?

Jeff:  I read a while ago that there were plans of creating a French version of Eataly in Battery Park, not sure if that’s still in the pipeline.

Sienna: Not necessarily new, but Harry’s has a great brunch the past few years and different atmosphere than the usual steakhouse during the week. A great scene with music, bottomless drinks and amazing lobster rolls!

Ali: The Fulton.

Santiago: I’m a straight steak shooter, Bobby Van’s is good, but my heart will always be with Delmonico’s.


Best Fidi Salon/Spa?

Jeff: That’s something I should start doing in 2015.

Sienna: Black Label Salon 25.

Ali: If only I had the time…

Santiago: I go to Fabio Doti Salon for my monthly manscaping.


Best Fidi View?

Jeff: Easy, rooftop of WB / 75 wall / the W; 200 water is cool too.

Sienna: Being in Fidi, there are so many breathtaking views from various apartments; 200 Water Street does have a great one!

Ali: The gym at Frank Gehry building.

Santiago: Water Street, lots of options. I don’t get picky with a view, I enjoy it all down here. The ladies usually like the views from Battery Park at the end of a long night.


Best Fidi date spot?

Jeff: How about a date tour; start off at Vintry, then dinner at Felice and if things go in the right direction, Dead Rabbit for fireworks !

Sienna: Cocktails at UnderDog (room downstairs at The Growler).

Ali: Stone Street!

Santiago: Felice, great décor, low-key vibe for something special to happen. Though, I’m still waiting for it to happen ….


Best Fidi place/event for children?

Jeff: No clue. Ask me in a decade. I have heard from several friends that FiDi is the best part of the city to raise kids.

Sienna: South Street Seaport has a lot of events in the summer. Trapeze school in the summer too.

Ali: South Street Seaport!

Santiago: I have a bunch of nieces and nephews, we go to Imagination Playground on John Street when they’re in town.

*Author’s note: Great blog and resource for children’s activities in Fidi,


Best kept Fidi secret (an eatery/gallery/venue people NEED to know about?

Jeff: Yes, there is a bar on Stone Street that’s underneath another bar but I can never remember the name, that’s a secret to me I guess. Check it out.

Sienna: The Elevated Acre at 55 Water Street. It’s an amazing above ground park! You would never know that if you take the escalator up, you will come across a big green space with great water views and plenty of flowers in the summer.

Ali: The ferries can take you to Governor’s Island, IKEA or Sandy Hook Beach

Santiago: The Elevated Acre, but if I tell you it’s not a secret now is it?


We thank our Fidi lovers for their tried and true recommendations and will be checking out these spots with our own blog reviews soon!