Taking an online course is a convenient way to study to become a real estate agent or broker, and is the first step toward obtaining your license. It’s also a great way to pick up new skills for selling or marketing New York apartments for rent, and to ensure that you stay up to date on important industry topics and regulations.

An online course lets you work from home, often at your own pace and in your own time. Some institutions will have classes that you need to attend via videoconferencing, and that can be a bonus to help keep you engaged and on schedule to complete the course.

These are some of the best online institutes that operate in the USA that we believe you should consider for training:

New York Real Estate Institute (NYREI)

The NYREI has been around since 1987. The Institute started with the notion of allowing people to start their studies at any time with rolling starts and being able to finish at a pace that suits the individual. This made the shift to online courses even easier because the school essentially operated that way pre-internet. Its selection of courses covers beginners wishing to obtain their real estate license, through to continuing education to help agents and brokers expand their careers and maximize the number of apartments for rent in New York City that they successfully lease out.

Corofy Academy

Corofy Academy is all about helping students pass their real estate licensing exam and get them started on a path to a successful career in the industry. Corofy offers a two-week program that covers everything you need to know about working as a real estate agent and passing the licensing exam. After that, the academy helps to place you with a brokerage that will continue to mentor you – helping you more quickly learn the nuances of NYC apartments for sale or rent.


Kaplan is a great fit for those who are concerned that an online course that is self-paced may not give them the stability they need. You can get a mix of live streaming classes and on-demand content when you take online courses through Kaplan. You also get access to online study groups, where you can interact with other students and discuss course content with your instructors.

The CE Shop

The CE Shop has an array of course packages that you can mix and match to suit your career. Their main focus is on continuing education once you’ve got your license. However, they also offer pre-license courses. This school is particularly helpful if you are licensed in more than one state or want to become licensed in more than one state. They’ll help you stay up to speed on changes in each state so that you don’t have to worry about mixing up regulations when you market New York apartments for sale versus another state.

Real Estate Express

Real Estate Express is considered one of the most affordable options for online real estate courses, specifically for those who are looking to get licensed and need early career advice. You even get a guarantee that you will pass your license exam, or you don’t have to pay for the course in almost every state. Once you’ve got your license, you can move to their sister company, McKissock Learning, to start work on your continuing education.

The Importance Of What Happens After You Get Your License

Many people spend most of their time focusing on getting their license so that they can start showing condos for sale in NYC as well as other rental and sale opportunities NYC has to offer. However, the steps you take immediately afterward can ensure that you have long-term success in the industry.

To stay relevant and valuable to potential firms and clients, it’s incredibly important to continue your education in the space. Early in your career, it’s vital to find the right brokerage, with a proper mentor, to help you grow into your new role. That’s one of many ways Platinum Properties sets itself apart from its competitors by offering ongoing training, mentorships, and skills development programs.

Connect with Platinum

It’s important to start interviewing brokerages once you’re nearing the end of your real estate course so that you can sign on with a team and hit the ground running once you’re officially licensed.

Platinum’s mission is to develop and nurture relationships that enrich and inspire our clients, our team, and our industry to ensure we all succeed in the most complex, dynamic, and exciting city on earth.

Platinum helps agents maximize their earnings, and build a real estate career they can be proud of. At Platinum, we know that an agent’s success in the business relies heavily on the resources their firm is offering. To ensure our agents are consistently supported to meet their professional goals, we offer agents: ongoing training opportunities, an in-house marketing team, mentorship programs with seasoned agents, cutting-edge tools and technology, around-the-clock support, and more.

At Platinum, we are nimble, creative and committed to our clients, we operate without needless layers. Instead, we invest more in our people, our marketing, and our tech, so we are primed to create opportunities. We know that true innovation comes from the diversity of thought, and we hire to ensure a wide range of experiences, knowledge, and perspectives. This collaboration strengthens us, both as individuals and as partners, making us smarter and more successful. When our clients succeed, we succeed.