Owning or even renting a condominium can be a comfortable, pleasant way to experience city living within a community that is supportive and offers amenities for residents.

Small spaces are easier to clean and maintain than houses with backyards and extra rooms. While condos sometimes can feel a little cramped, that’s a problem easily solved with smart, creative decorating. If you are looking for budget-friendly ways to enhance your condo or other small living space, consider these seven simple ideas.

Paint and personalize accessories and furniture

If you can’t or don’t want to paint your entire condo or even an entire room, add pops of color by painting bed frames, dressers or nightstands or use stencils to personalize accessories or spruce up a portion of a wall. These simple accents can be just as impactful as a fresh coat of paint on a whole room.

Freshen the floor

If you are renting your condo or simply low on expendable cash, redoing an entire floor may not be an option. Area rugs are a great alternative to camouflage problems like unattractive carpet or linoleum and also play to your preferred color or design theme. Even in small rooms, rugs can dress up the space and make it feel more comfortable, colorful and inviting. Plus, they are easy to roll up, move or switch out if you later decide to alter the room’s visual scheme.

Mix in mirrors

Mirrors are a simple decorating trick to create the illusion of extra space, particularly if they are placed strategically to reflect natural light coming through your windows. Hang large mirrors in your bedroom, living room or dining area to add dimension and make the space seem bigger and more open, suggests this article from Business Insider.

Dress up your dining space

Better Homes & Gardens has a few nifty tricks to beautify a cramped dining nook. Using clear chairs or glass-top tables can “visually expand the space and make it feel bigger,” the magazine explains. Also, hang some high-quality artwork and adjust the lighting by installing wall-mount sconces and covering bare bulbs with shades to diffuse the light and create a softer glow.

Watch out for clutter

Too many decorations, extra furniture or a messy design can make a small space feel crowded real quick. First, get rid of unnecessary clutter and store stuff like paperwork, extra candles, old photo albums and the like. Second, focus on building design concepts around multi-functional items, like storage ottomans, chests or vintage suitcases stacked to look like a table, advises Business Insider.

Think strategically about space

Are you dealing with awkward features, such as narrow closets, odd corners or low ceilings? Turn these gawky aspects into assets by transforming them into storage areas – which can be concealed with curtains – or interesting and cozy seating areas. When you have only one large room to serve as your dining and living area, it can make sense to divide it into zones that make the space more functional, according to Better Homes & Gardens. This can be accomplished by getting creative with your furniture arrangement.

Think green

Yes, plants are one of the oldest decorating tricks in the book, but for a good reason. They offer condo dwellers a cheap, easy way to liven up a space, especially if you stick to varieties that require little care. Ferns, Ficus trees, succulents, cacti and African violets are all good varieties for indoor use, and the right bowl or planter can add even more color. If you are able, also consider developing a small garden with herbs and/or flowers for a balcony.

Enhancing your condo so it’s inviting, interesting and appealing doesn’t have to break the bank. Be prepared to get creative and take on a few do-it-yourself projects and you can transform even a small space into your perfect home.