Platinum Properties’ Relocation Team aims to help those relocating to New York City by providing a holistic approach to our clients’ property searches. Our focus lies not just with finding immaculate NYC corporate apartments, but also matching services to their lifestyles. We aim to provide impeccable service to our clients while they are relocating to NYC, and are excited to extend that sentiment to our NYC corporate apartment partners.


1. Initial Consultation

Before relocating to New York City, we first identify what the client wants and needs from their desired home. After consolidating a list of available properties and their features, we then set realistic expectations for the client and ensure they are fully educated about New York market conditions.

2. Property Search

As a member of Real Estate Board of New York (REBNY), we have an extensive database of over 5,000 diverse corporate apartments in NYC available for rent, which we utilize efficiently to completely satisfy our client’s needs.

3. Property Viewing

After our client reviews the properties, we coordinate our schedules to optimize productivity for viewing them. As a way to enhance our clients’ experiences, we provide À La Carte services as well – please reference all of these services below.

4. Application & Lease signing Process

Once we have found an apartment the client is happy with, we immediately lead them throughout the entire application and negotiation process. We aim to rapidly secure the property and negotiate the most favorable terms on our client’s behalf. After approval, we continually guide our client through their lease signing process.

5. Move-in & Follow-up

Following the execution and countersigning of the lease, we consistently follow up with our clients to ensure a smooth transition while they’re relocating to NYC, by coordinating their move-in and overseeing that all utilities/cable are arranged directly with the vendor.


1. Chauffured Car Service

We have access to a large fleet of vehicles that range from our company Bentley to limousine services that accommodate all party sizes.

2. Concierge Service

We utilize Four Hundred Concierge Services to provide our clients with access to NYC’s most exclusive and sought after destinations and experiences while in NYC. This service can also be provided permanently at discounted rates once they are finished relocating to New York City.

3. Child Care Service

We work with several experienced and reputable nannies that provide supervision of children of all ages during our client’s time in NYC.

4. Design Services

Our interior designer can provide insightful ideas and assist both overseas and local clients with apartment design and staging, furniture shopping, and delivery, placement, etc., to ensure a seamless transition of their corporate apartments in NYC.

5. Corporate Discounts

Discounted products, from art to bedding, are available exclusively to Platinum Properties clientele. We also coordinate private appointments with the city’s top showrooms to provide our clients with exceptional hand-held service.

6. Access to Affiliates

In an effort to dutifully serve our clients, we have established relationships with numerous moving and construction companies to provide the easiest possible transition for our clients while relocating to NYC and into their new corporate apartments.