Based in the Upper East Side, The LightUp Lab is designed to inspire and empower people to live their best lives. With a scientific mindset, the company helps develop mindfulness content & experiences for both companies and individuals to help people crack the code to happiness. After taking the Platinum crew to one of her sessions, we caught up with founder Elina Teboul for some more info on what makes The LightUp Lab so effective for wellbeing.

How was The LightUp Lab Founded?

I founded The LightUp Lab while studying for my Master’s degree in Psychology at Columbia University. Upon realizing that powerful mindfulness practices combined with techniques based on the field of positive psychology (the Science of Happiness) weren’t easily accessible to people and organizations, I created The LightUp Lab to address this gap with the mission of bringing the science of happiness to people and organizations in an educational and experiential way.

The LightUp Lab draws on findings at the intersection of positive psychology and neuroscience. Researchers have found that the source of happiness was 50% genetic, 10% circumstantial, and 40% within one’s control. It’s thanks to that last 40% that people can become happier. By engaging in educational and mindfulness practices that The LightUp Lab has to offer, people can actually train their brains, just like any other muscle. That’s why we call ourselves the “Fitness Class For Your Mind!”

Previously, I was a corporate lawyer at Davis Polk & Wardwell, LLP in New York and managed philanthropic projects and initiatives in Bermuda for the Allan & Gill Gray Foundation. I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from New York University and a J.D. from Columbia Law School.


How important is meditation to you?

I have a daily meditation practice. There have now been over 3,000 studies published on the immense benefits of meditation, from stress reduction to focus to overall mental and physical health. However, meditation is only one tool and it does not get you from where you are now to where you want to be.

For physical health, I always say, Take Your MEDS!

M – Meditate

E – Exercise

D – Diet

S – Sleep

But more importantly, for overall health and sustainable well-being, to optimize yourself and your life, you have to educate yourself and have time to reflect. You need to set goals, you need to know your core values and character strengths as well as how those align with your goals. You need to understand how to unleash your creativity and how to cultivate relationships and empathy. Sure, meditation is in your overall happiness toolkit, but it’s certainly not the answer in and of itself.


Is this class for everyone?

In designing our class, we wanted to find a format that would be accessible to everyone. There’s no need for advanced knowledge of the wide variety of techniques we use, like meditation or visualization, but if you are already an expert in that method you’ll still find LightUp a helpful practice. We’re here to help people of any level and experience clear and train their mind, then learn and practice their way to a happier, more productive and optimized life.


What are the benefits of taking this class?

Through practice, people can learn to manage their thoughts, regain perspective and overcome challenges, which can ultimately lead to living better and more meaningful lives. For organizations, this means a productive, creative, and engaged workforce that works synergistically and effectively together. There is a huge body of research showing that happy employees are essential for an organization’s bottom line. For example, companies with happy employees report having 3X as much revenue growth over other companies, according to Great Places To Work. Forbes has reported that companies with happy employees outperform the stock market by a factor of 3, and those included in Fortune’s “100 Best Companies to Work For” rose by 14% between 1998-2005, while those who were not only rose by 6%.


What is some of the most significant feedback you’ve received from a client?

We have several different classes focused on goals and accomplishments. One of my personal favorite goal classes is the Best Possible Self class. During this class, we introduce participants to the empirical research behind goal setting and teach them various techniques, from “SMART goals, to “WOOPing” to mental contrasting. We then walk the participants through a guided visualization where they meet their Best Possible Self 10 years into the future.

We’ve received truly inspiring feedback on this class. People are always so surprised by what they see and it makes them re-evaluate their values and desires. We connect them with their authentic selves and give them permission to be honest with themselves. This one has made many people cry, for various personal reasons. Because without ever truly knowing where you want to be, how could you ever get there?


There are so many places that offer similar services – what makes yours different?

The LightUp Lab is a unique offering and there are not any other companies that offer a similar service.

On the one hand, there are meditation studios, but those do not offer educational content that provides progress and direction. I 100% believe that meditation offers many benefits and is an important practice, however for us, mindfulness techniques are one piece of the puzzle, as we already discussed.

On the other hand, there are private life coaches, therapists and executive coaches that offer educational content that can progress people forward. These services are typically 1:1 (although can be done in a group setting at times), and typically do not incorporate mindfulness practices. They are also much more individualized, expensive and time-consuming.

At The LightUp Lab, we bridge the gap that exists between the existing offerings.


Where can we learn about more of what you do?

Please visit our website at and check out our blog. You can also visit us on Instagram at @thelightuplab. Most importantly, what we offer must be experienced to be fully understood and to have the benefits. You can see our schedule of classes on our website.

Once you’ve gotten your fill on all things Lightup Lab, you can contact Elina directly to learn more about the extensive corporate offerings at [email protected]. Stay happy!