Are you feeling a little lackluster in the love area this Valentine’s Day? Then maybe it’s time to turn your attention inward. And by inward, we mean your living space. Is it maximized for love? Are you doing all you can to attract the love you desire? If you’ve been looking for love in all the wrong places, why not use the ancient art of feng shui to help? Here are our best tips to feng shui your New York City home for love.

About feng shui

In a nutshell, feng shui is an ancient practice that was developed in China more than 3,000 years ago. Using the principles of feng shui, you can balance the energy in your space in order to bring you good fortune. By combining the elements of fire, earth, water, metal and wood, you can bring harmony to your living space. There is a particular emphasis on color, and how the use of color can be beneficial to your life. Feng shui also uses things like aquariums and clocks to improve the energy of a space.

Attracting love with feng shui

Although feng shui is a fairly complex practice, there are simple ways that you can incorporate it into your home to attract the love you desire. This is what we recommend on a room-by-room (or area-by-area) basis:

In the bedroom:

  • Splurge on some new linens for your bed.
  • Make sure both sides of the bed are easily accessible and symmetrical.
  • Install a solid headboard.
  • Remove unneeded pillows.
  • Use complementary colors on walls and windows.
  • Choose art that symbolizes love.
  • Increase privacy with screens or heavier curtains.
  • Set the right mood with soft lights, music and colors – pink is a great choice.
  • Leave a drawer empty and some space in the closet for the person you are attracting.

In the living area:

  • Consider adding doubles of items, such as a pair of chairs or two pieces of artwork that complement each other.
  • Arrange furniture around a rug, and make sure the front legs of each piece are sitting on the rug.
  • Choose artwork that is uplifting.
  • Decorate with fresh flowers and candles (especially in pairs).

In the bathroom:

  • Aim for creating an environment that promotes relaxation and sensuality.
  • Keep the bathroom clean and organized.
  • Choose colors that feel nurturing but also clean and fresh.
  • Always close the toilet lid.

Feng shui mistakes to avoid

While it’s important to add feng shui elements in order to attract love, there are certain things you must also avoid:

  • TV or computer in the bedroom – Television, smartphones and laptops are a major distraction when it comes to love. Avoid having them in your bedroom at all costs.
  • Clutter – It doesn’t matter where the clutter is, it’s always bad feng shui. It’s especially detrimental when you live in a studio apartment where every square foot is important. Get rid of the clutter; it’s just a distraction from what you really want.
  • Negative imagery – Avoid hanging any artwork that has a negative connotation, such as violence or sadness.

Find the perfect home for love

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