FiDi is now a mecca of luxury real estate, but the area has not been without its ups and downs over the years. First there was September 11th, arguably one of the worst days in American History. Then Hurricane Sandy came whirling through NYC. The unforeseen devastation hit downtown the hardest. Subway lines like the Whitehall Street R, 3 miles deep under Battery Park, turned into an underwater fish tank. The area is still undergoing waterproofing renovations and is set to reopen in August 2016. Tenants moved back into affordable Harlem and the trickle-turned-flood into Brooklyn started. It may seem like FiDi can’t catch a break from these disasters, but they are some of the reasons FiDi is so strong and united. After these tragedies, the Financial District mourned, a feeling of exile swept across downtown and the lower end of Manhattan looked doomed to stay … at the lower end of Manhattan, but not for long.

Three years post-Sandy, something extraordinary and inspirational has happened in the area. The Financial District has become one of Manhattan’s premier neighborhoods from the buzz of Wall Street to the hum of Battery Park. There is a new wave of families and young professionals now calling FiDi home. The area has a variety of options for all apartment seekers; there are luxury amenities perfect for roommates, couples, and families.
Development is underway at every corner in FiDi. Offices are turning into spectacular condos, hotels are becoming high-end apartment complexes, and the residential market is growing by luxurious leaps and bounds. Since the grand Fulton Street station re-opened last year, all lines now meet in FiDi, subways are convenient and can easily take you anywhere you need to go in the city.

For the social crowd, the trendy, hard-working, happy-hour-loving professionals, FiDi has fantastic hangout spots. The area is filled with great bars, like the gut renovated Pier A, where you can find wonderful seafood and cocktails overlooking the Hudson. The Dead Rabbit on Water Street was recently named Business Insider’s “2015 Bar of the Year.”  Stone Street is always alive, the cobble-stoned walkway lined with a plethora of fun restaurants and bars. The area epitomizes the heart of FiDi – intimate, calm and oddly isolated from the chaotic hubbub that is often NYC. FiDi is its own enclaved spark of culture and community.

Come experience FiDi for yourself and see the growth the area has undergone over the past decade. Be a part of a thriving, bustling area with so much to offer. Platinum Properties, founded a decade ago, foresaw the light that now radiates from FiDi when it opened its headquarters on Wall Street. Now the premier FiDi luxury real estate brokerage, we work here, we play here and we can help you do the same. Call us today!