We recently interviewed Danilo Miguel, the general manager of Felice, located at 15 Gold St, a Tuscan restaurant in FiDi that offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner with a vibrant after-work bar scene.

How long have you been in business in the Financial District?

Danilo: About two and a half years. We opened in September of 2012, just a few weeks before Hurricane Sandy hit.  We were lucky to have the support of the connected hotel, Gild Hall, and were fortunate enough to receive minimal damage.

What are some of the changes you have seen in FiDi since you’ve been in business?

Danilo: Since I started working in January 2014, I’ve seen an increase in the number of hospitality business around this area: like hotels, bar and new restaurants. FiDi is the new destination place. 

What are the advantages of being downtown, as opposed to the busier midtown?

Danilo: For the food experience it’s more relaxed, customers appreciate not being rushed. Also, the walking distance is much short than midtown, making it easy for customers to walk around without the necessity of driving or taking public transportation.

Talk about your clientele down here in FiDi.

Danilo:  It’s a mix between business people, locals and tourists; making FiDi a very interesting and fun place to work.

What is your favorite part of being here in Fidi?

Danilo: Since the streets are so narrow and quiet, you can easily stumble upon hidden gems: charming restaurants or bars completely packed with great food and drinks.

How do you feel about the revitalization, or “comeback” many say that the Financial District is heading into?

Danilo: In my opinion it is already happening! You just have to walk around and see it. Some renowned restaurants are moving downtown helping to transform FiDi in a new food destination in NYC. There are so many young people living, dining and working in the area as well.

What advice do you have for tourists, or those not so familiar with fine dining in the Financial District?

Danilo: Whenever you are planning to visit one of the many tourist attractions, please reserve some time to dine at one of many great restaurants located in FiDi!


Visit Felice here and check out their outstanding menu and drink options:  http://www.felice15goldstreet.com/