Congratulations on your new apartment! Getting your own place is a big step and moving in will definitely be an exciting but mildly stressful day. Whether you’re nervous or eager to move in, here are some tips and tricks for making that big day a little bit easier:



You’ve always dreamed about what your bedroom is going to look like once you move out. You want to paint the far wall red and mount your tv and buy paper lanterns to set the mood lighting and… STOP. Before you do anything, make sure you get it in writing that you can paint your walls, or hang that bracket for your tv, or really anything you want to alter. Get it in writing!

As for a bed, if you’re purchasing a new one, make sure it’s “the one”. Lay on every mattress you need to before deciding since that’s going to be the first place you crash after a long day at work. Also, if you’re planning on getting a bed frame with a headboard, make sure it’s can travel to your future home. You signed a 1-2 year lease, so your next bedroom probably won’t be the same size as this one.



NYC apartments are known for their lack of lighting, especially if you’re planning on converting your apartment living room to a bedroom. So before you do anything, buy a lamp, or five. You’ll thank me later.



Don’t stress out about having to eat dinner on the floor of your empty living room for the first month. Once you move in, it’ll be easier to get a feel for the dimensions of your apartment so you can find the right couch to fit your space. Also, don’t rush into buying something just because you need to fill your apartment. Chances are that coffee table will follow you from apartment to apartment for the next few years.


Closet Space

Yes, that’s your closet. Accept it in all its itty bitty glory right now and just move on. To maximize the space, get a second bar lower to the ground so you can hang more stuff. Also, invest in hangers with multiple level for hanging pants. And most of all, just pray that all those hangers won’t rip the bar down in the middle of the night scaring you half to death.

So once again, congratulation on your new apartment! A few final pieces of advice to make moving in a little easier: don’t get mad at your mother for trying to unpack your suitcase for you, don’t get mad at your roommate because Time Warner is making you crazy, and last but not least, learn to recycle properly so your neighbors don’t get mad at you. Good luck!