In an effort to court potential residents who are looking for, and can afford, an ultra-luxury lifestyle, many high-end residential developments in New York City are becoming creative and extravagant in regards to the amenities they offer. For instance, think access to concierge jet service, private pools and an intimate IMAX theater.

When it comes to Manhattan’s affluent Financial District, many people are drawn to the area’s numerous high-end buildings, “which, while offering desirable amenities, are more affordable than other kid-friendly neighborhoods, like the Upper East Side or Greenwich Village,” according to a blog post by CityRealty.

That being said, as you’re searching for a new apartment or condo in the FiDi area, you may be less disappointed by setting realistic expectations regarding amenities – especially as add-ons can quickly increase your cost. Here are a few classic amenities that are fairly safe to include on your checklist and should be prioritized when choosing your first or next luxury living space in the city.

Elevator and attendants

Starting with the basics, most buildings – including popular residences like 70 Pine, 180 Water and 25 Broad – offer basic amenities, including an elevator; an attended lobby; a concierge; and a doorman. These staff members help attend to your needs and give you a sense of comfort and security. And, of course, an elevator is a must in an 80-story building.


When you’re living in a more intimate private residence, you will want access to a larger communal space where you can socialize with other residents or friends and family when they visit. Fortunately, most developments include a lounge or outdoor entertainment space that you can use for that purpose.

Rooftop Deck

Making the most of living in the Financial District means having access to a great view of the city. Luckily, many residential buildings provide rooftop access. From there, features may differ, depending on the complex. Some rooftop decks are simple – but still let you relax while taking in a bird’s-eye view of the city – while others also contain pools, gardens or lounges.


A gym or fitness center is a classic amenity that makes city living more convenient and enjoyable. Maybe you won’t be provided a full basketball court or golf putting practice course, but you should expect and prioritize at least some version of a fitness center with equipment, workout accessories and space for yoga/aerobics.

Children’s Playroom

If you’re raising kids in Manhattan, you will want to choose an apartment that caters to their needs, too. Select a facility with a room tailored for children where they can hang out. Some facilities even partner with outside agencies to offer children’s programming or special events specifically for young residents.

While settling down in the FiDi area you might not be able to snag a condo or apartment in a building that has a skybridge containing a pool, a bowling alley or a wine cellar. When it comes to the basic amenities, however, you should not have to compromise. You will find these classic amenities are common features at many of the district’s residential developments as they are known to help add value and ease to your living experience in Manhattan.