Although less common, you may be surprised that there is a solid supply of furnished apartments available to NYC renters. A furnished apartment could be the right choice for you if you’re a student, a relocating professional, a foreign investor, or an individual looking to bypass the nuisance of investing in furniture.

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A furnished apartment typically includes all the essentials of daily living such as bedroom, living, and dining room furniture.  Many even offer a supplementary, yet completely necessary perk to our 21st century living: high-speed Wi-Fi and premium cable.

Just as with unfurnished apartments, you can expect a great variety while conducting your search.  Keep in mind that some furnished apartments offer luxury amenities, such as room service and housekeeping, while others are intended for short-term student tenants.  Rentals prices vary accordingly.

Our agent, Ben Scheck, currently lists a beautifully furnished studio in our very own Financial District at 55 Wall Street.   At a 5 star luxury condominium (also known as the Cipriani Club Residences), this large loft boasts oversized windows with 10 foot ceilings, open living/dining space, and a custom chef kitchen with top of the line appliances.  The large studio has an in-unit washer and dryer, which is an extremely rare find in NYC!  The building also features a beautiful roof deck as well as a spacious courtyard to entertain guests.

Furnished Apartment NYC

For Better

Convenience is essential and it is a driving factor for a traveling individual looking to make the move fast.  Furnished apartments ease the moving process by drastically cutting down the list of items you need to the bare essentials, such as clothing and personal items.  Depending on the unit you choose, the cost may even be lower than the alternative: the furniture purchase plus delivery fees, and then the potential moving company costs, not to mention the time and effort often overlooked that finding, purchasing, and getting the new furniture to your apartment takes.

NYC apartments are a home away from home to many renters.  So why purchase expensive armoires and chaises when you already have them at your permanent residence?  As with all decisions, there are pros and cons to carefully consider before making the move.

55 Wall Street, Furnished Studio

For Worse

Convenience is often linked to a higher price with any process that promises to cut down on effort and difficulty.  The same applies to rentals.  As you eliminate the effort of furnishing your apartment, the monthly rent consequentially rises.  With that in mind, it is also important to consider liability.  Note that any damages that occur to the furniture while you live in the apartment can result in charges when you move out.

Furnished apartments in NYC are also commonly condos or co-ops, meaning the application process is not quite the same as with an unfurnished unit.  Furnished apartments are appealing as they offer an expedited move; however, the application process can take up to 30 days after the board application is submitted.  Our agents can help ease the board application process and guarantee an enjoyable search.

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