The spring market is fast approaching, and it’s time for buyers to start preparing for their home search. 

At Platinum Properties, our agents are experts at navigating the home-buying process and making sure our clients are informed and ready every step of the way. 

Platinum uses up-to-the-minute data, provided by UrbanDigs and other premier New York City analytical services, to help buyers understand the current state of the market. Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of the market helps the buyer make the strongest offers possible for their new home, when the time comes.

After you meet with an agent, your agent can connect you with a mortgage lender, if you are planning on financing, to help you figure out what you are pre-approved to purchase. Getting pre-approved at the start of your search is super important because it will help you and your agent know within what budget range to search.

In addition to price, think about the following questions as you narrow down your search criteria: 

  • What is your preferred neighborhood?
  • Do you prefer a co-op, condo, or townhouse?
  • What amenities are important to you?
  • What are your “nice to haves” versus “must haves”?
  • Do you have any pets?

Thinking about these questions before touring properties in person will set you up for success so that you can truly focus on what’s important and only spend time previewing properties that could be a good fit for you. 

After you communicate those preferences with your agent, he or she will help you narrow down which of those preferences are must-haves and which are secondary needs. Your agent will use this information to scan the market and find properties that you may be interested in.  

Once your agent finds some properties you are interested in touring, he or she will set up property tours, so that you can see the properties in person together. 

Once you find the right fit, your agent will help you craft a competitive offer, present the offer, and negotiate terms with the seller’s agent. Once all terms are agreed upon, you’ll go under contract and start the process of purchasing the property. 

While under contract, your agent will help you prep a board package, if needed, and coordinate inspections, appraisals and a final walkthrough. 

While all of the above seems simple enough, the New York City real estate market can be extremely competitive. It’s important to be prepared, and work with an agent who is an expert negotiator and extremely knowledgeable about the market in different areas of the city. 

If you’re interested in purchasing a property, or even if you’re just curious about what you can afford, reach out to Platinum today to schedule a consultation with one of our trusted agents.