Wall Street and the Financial District is one of the most well known neighborhoods in all of Manhattan. One of our offices is located right at 30 Wall Street, so we decided to take the time to look into the history of this well known area:
1. Wall Street is named after an actual wall that once stretched across Manhattan
2. Business transactions began on Wall Street all the way back in 1792
3. In March 1817, a group of New York brokers formally establish the New York Stock Exchange
4. In May 1896, Charles Dow reveals his industrial stock average in the first publication of his daily paper — the Wall Street Journal
5. In 1943, women are allowed to enter the N.Y.S.E. trading floor for the first time
6. Today, Wall Street and the Financial District as a whole are crowded with high-rises
7. Wall Street is a street that runs for 8 blocks from Broadway to South Street in the Financial District of New York and is just under half a mile long.
8. One of the Financial District’s most famous symbols is the ‘Charging Bull’ Statue. The statue was created as a token of optimism.
9. Platinum Properties is the biggest luxury real estate firms located on Wall Street