All jobs can be hectic, but being in the real estate industry means non-stop showings, late hours, busy weekends, and agents must be sharp and ready for appointments at a moment’s notice. Platinum Properties, a family-owned boutique brokerage, believes in offering their employees opportunities to live better so we can work better. To aid in living a healthy, balanced lifestyle, Platinum has hosted SoulCycle events, in-office beauty and wellness sessions, massage therapy, and even intense boot camp workouts all free of charge to employees.

Work-life balance is essential to professionals who are always connected to work via smartphones even after leaving the office. Holistic healing is an effective way to find balance and help relax on or off the job.

Platinum hosted a stress-relieving Holistic Day at the office last week. Holistic healing involves the use of non-invasive procedures to relieve illness and stress from the mind and body. Services included:

Certified Reiki Practitioner Pauline Baylock performed 5 minute Reiki demonstrations.

Reiki is a Japanese word pronounced ray-key. It’s a hands-on stress reduction and relaxation healing technique that has a host of benefits; mainly that Reiki brings the recipient into balance as it supports the body’s natural ability to heal itself.


Essential Oils Expert Joe Monkman  let us touch, smell, and taste (yes, taste!) a wide variety of essential oils at this event. We certainly brought our curiosity to the essential oils station!

Essential oils can be a safe and effective alternative and complement to other treatments with the added bonus of offering some amazing aromas. These pure, potent, and powerful gifts from Nature can:

·         Ease stress and anxiety

·         Contribute to a restful night’s sleep

·         Assist in healthy digestion

·         Increase your ability to focus, and much more

 Chiropractic neck and back screenings were provided by Dr. Jonathan Mazlan and his knowledgeable staff along with massages by Perfect Health Solutions NYC.

Agents were thrilled to explore new ways of healing that are natural, non-invasive, and focus on stress reduction on the physical body and mind. Reiki demonstrator Pauline Baylock’s novel techniques of healing left agents feeling “light and the air within refreshed.” Massage, along with education on how to better work with your spine, was extremely valuable to our staff who are either constantly hard-at-work hunched over computers or up on their feet. Joe Monkman’s oil demonstration was innovative and refreshing as his oils encapsulated Platinum offices in a beautiful aroma of peace, calm, and productivity.

We thank our demonstrators and suggest you to try these holistic techniques to start your summer off stress-free!

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