Ready to relocate to a new apartment in NYC this winter? Finding an apartment in New York City can be difficult, but here’s some good news: finding an apartment is easiest during the winter. Competition is less fierce than during the spring and summer months when new hires and students are also on the prowl for their dream home. In the winter, you are also more likely to find and negotiate better deals due to lower demand.

Even though the winter real estate season in New York City is a little less demanding, you still might need help finding an apartment. Here are some basic guidelines:

Be smart.

Whether you’re looking for a lease for a corner studio in Chelsea or a 3 bedroom apartment in Bushwick, you don’t want to break the bank when finding a new apartment. Take advantage of the decreased competition by searching for listings that offer deals like one month rent free or a zero or reduced broker fee. Don’t be afraid to ask for $100-$200 less than the posted rent. You may not get your wish granted, but it can’t hurt to ask. Landlords need people living in their buildings, and when the demand for an apartment decreases, they may be more willing to negotiate.

Be flexible.

Not that many people move in during the winter months due to the weather, which also means not that many people move out. You won’t have an unlimited choice of options, so be willing to consider different layouts and make small compromises. Maybe you found the perfect 2 bedroom apartment in FiDi, but laundry is in the basement instead of in the unit. Don’t let little things like that stop you from renting an otherwise amazing apartment.

Be on time.

Just because you’re renting an apartment during the “rental off-season,” it doesn’t mean you’re not still renting an apartment in the high-demand market of New York City. Schedule appointments to view as many apartments as soon as possible that may suit your needs. If you see one you like, act immediately before it’s taken by someone else. Have all your paperwork on hand, and be ready to sign on the dotted line. In short, all the rules of renting an NYC apartment still apply!

Are you ready to find your next NYC apartment this winter? Get in touch with an experienced Platinum Properties agent to find you the perfect apartment in NYC this season.