Thanksgiving is indisputably one of the best holidays of the year. The reason is simple: the food!  Then there’s also the amazing NYC Thanksgiving parade. With apps like Wine and Dine, tags like “foodporn” and Instagram “foodies,” our obsession with photo-ready meals makes up an integral part of our metropolitan culture.  Naturally, you’ve given thought to how you’ll celebrate this Thanksgiving Thursday.  If, along with many New Yorkers, you choose to stay in the city, read on for tips on how to host Thanksgiving dinner in an NYC apartment.

Though a daunting task for even acclaimed chefs, Thanksgiving dinner in an NYC apartment is not only possible, but also an exciting experience for New Yorkers.   So fear not urbanites and buckle up!

Problem:             Expecting a feast versus a memorable dinner.
Solution:             Keep it simple!

Don’t overexert yourself on a simple dinner for 6.  It can still be festive and memorable, without the twenty specialty dishes you have pinned on your Pinterest board.  Stick to three or four dishes, including the turkey, and do as New Yorkers do – order in those extra entrees or desserts you just can’t live without.

Too many options can overwhelm your guests not to mention your kitchen space!  If you’re undecided about offering a red or white wine, choose a light yet savory red.  It’ll save you some finite fridge space.  Also, consider skipping the elaborate appetizers, or veering from the traditional one course-at-a-time ritual.

Problem:             Square footage cramping your style?
Solution:             Less is more!

Even in the smallest of apartments, there can be the biggest of celebrations!  It’s all about how you plan.  Consider the space you have to work with like the dining area, kitchen counter and entertainment space.  Once you secure a prime delivery window with PeaPod or FreshDirect for all your holiday ingredients, make sure to clean out that fridge and toss that week old pad-thai to make room.  It’s all in the pre-prep!

Once you choose a dining style, rearrange your living space to accommodate your guests.  First, remove any clutter and breathe in the new, clean space. Don’t sweat it if you can’t fit everyone at the dining table.  Get creative and make additional seating by adding stools or perhaps a small, rustic-luxe bench.  Provide your guests with themed trays for convenience and an easy clean up!

More than just a dressed up dinner party, Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful for wonderful friends and family.  While the tips above will help with a NYC Apartment Thanksgiving, don’t forget about the holiday spirit.  Enjoy the company of the individuals you treasure and all the details will fall into place!