Each year, millions of Americans pack up and move to a new home, whether it be down the street or across the country. May kicks off National Moving Month and a busy moving season.

Moving from one home to another requires a lot of planning and preparation. Platinum Properties is here to help expedite that process with these tips and tricks:

Declutter, Categorize & Label

Decluttering before a move will make packing and unpacking so much easier – and ensures only the items you need and love make their way to your new home. Decide which of your belongings to keep, toss, sell or donate. Box up the items you’re keeping and make sure to label indicating what room these items belong in – so that movers can place it in the appropriate place.

Selecting a Mover

At Platinum, we love working with Moved. Moved pairs clients with a personal assistant who handles the frustrating parts of moving for you – from booking a mover and packing your belongings, to buying a mattress and home supplies, your assistant can cover all of that.

For more information about Platinum’s partnership with Moved, please contact us directly!

Make a Checklist of Utilities

Keep a checklist of services that you will need to either cancel or transfer to your new address. Plan for the disconnection of services in your current home for the day after you move-out, to ensure you’ll have the lights on for as long as needed while you pack-up.

Update Your Address

You’d be surprised how often mail gets sent to an old address because someone was left out of the loop! Before you move, change your address with the USPS and other delivery companies.

Moving During Coronavirus

Coronavirus has forced non-essential businesses to close their doors, however, moving companies are considered an essential service. Moving safely is still possible, but requires extra precautions:

  • Clean As You Pack: Disinfect your items before placing them into boxes for transport.
  • Deep Clean Before Move-In: Ask the sellers or your real estate agent if they can schedule a deep-clean of the home before you move in. Do the same for anyone moving into your home!
  • Check Your Moving Company’s COVID-19 Policy: Moving companies have their own protocols for Coronavirus operations that include physical distancing and sanitation. Familiarize yourself with these protocols and ask your movers if you have any questions or concerns.
  • Limit Foot Traffic: Limit how many people are allowed in your home. Can you get the job done with fewer movers than normal? Encourage all parties to wear masks, gloves and to wash hands and use hand sanitizer throughout the day.

Moving can be a lengthy process, but with these tips and tricks, your move will be easier than ever – so get packing!

Are you interested in moving, or wondering what your home is worth? Despite the Coronavirus pandemic, New Yorkers are still on the move. Reach out to Platinum Properties today to schedule a call or virtual tour with one of our trusted agents.