As many New Yorkers are stuck at home, residents have had to get creative and conjure-up extra office space, basically out of thin air. The “cloffice” – a closet and office space in one – is the latest, trendy alternative to a traditional home office.

Any New Yorker will tell you, it takes superpowers and an airtight strategy to truly maximize every square inch of apartment space. Jamie Hord, the founder of Horderly Professional Organizing, gives Platinum Properties Horderly’s best tips and tricks to creating the perfect cloffice.

Make it Functional

Courtesy of Horderly

The main purpose of transforming your closet into a combined office space is to maximize functionality in your home.

Utilize vertical wall space to maximize height and storage opportunities. Create a wall system for clothing or office supplies, but make sure to separate the two. Designating an area in your office for clothes and accessories and another area for office supplies will help you create a functional flow in your cloffice.

Make sure to position your desk based on how you work best. Do you like to work facing a window, or is that too distracting? Consider placement to be as efficient as possible when working from your cloffice.

Make it Neat

Courtesy of Horderly

Horderly operates on essentialism, which is the process of decluttering so that only the items you love and need in your home are accessible.

If your cloffice is designed essentially, it will become a space you enjoy working in, making your workday super productive.

Remember, tidy desk, tidy mind!

Use the Right Products

Courtesy of Horderly

When creating the perfect cloffice system, make sure you’re using the proper products to maximize functionality in your space. Here are a few Horderly go-tos for closet and office organizing.

For your clothes, use Slim Velvet Hangers for hanging clothes. The velvet texture ensures clothes stay on the hanger, and the slim design allows for more items to be hung. Add Finger Clips to hangers for items like skirts or strapless tops. Use Rod Dividers to label clothing by category.

You’d be surprised what office products can work in your closet, too! An Acrylic Collator most commonly used to sort papers can also be used to sort and organize small bags and clutches.

At your desk, use an Acrylic Mail Center to keep your desktop neat and tidy and a Cable Box to contain wires and keep them from tangling.

Maintain It

Courtesy of Horderly

One of Horderly’s main mantras is the “one-in-one-out” rule. If you buy something new, make sure to let go of something old.

Once your cloffice is perfected and everything is in its proper place, don’t forget to label! Labeling shelves, inside drawers, and adding labeled rod dividers for hanging clothes will ensure nothing goes missing or falls out of place ever again.

Creating a functional, organized space will help you maintain a routine and work efficiently from your home cloffice.

Need help setting up a cloffice of your own? Reach out to Horderly for a virtual consultation. If you’re looking to move and need help finding a property that can accommodate a home office or cloffice, reach out to Platinum Properties to be connected with one of our trusted agents!