If you live in the Financial District, then listen up!

Today, we’re launching the free “Insider’s Guide to Selling in FiDi” covering everything you need to know about selling your condo in Lower Manhattan. Packed with 20 pages of comprehensive and up-to-date information about all aspects of selling, its purpose is to help you to sell your condo efficiently and for the right price. Even if you’re not ready to sell now, you should grab the guide today and become informed.

The guide is focused on pricing strategies for condos in the Lower Manhattan neighborhood. Why? Because having spoken to lots of you who are in the process of selling, or who have sold recently, it’s clear that securing the right price is one of the most important goals. However, setting the right price is also one of the most complicated aspects of selling condos in the Financial District. Insider knowledge of FiDi can be a huge advantage and what we present here is some of our own FiDi knowledge in the form of an organised approach to help deliver your pricing goals.

Three of the most useful aspects of the guide include:
In the guide, you’ll learn key pricing strategies directly from insiders like you who intimately know the Financial District.  We also provide you with access to our regularly updated market reports meaning you’ll always have the most current price baselines for your condo. Our hope is that having read it, you’ll find yourself more confident in setting out on an effective selling journey.

No matter what time you decide to sell, this guide should be your first read.  Whether you just purchased your apartment, or whether you’re ready to sell right now, be smart and begin your research earlier than later.