In honor of International Women’s Day, we asked our team to share their biggest female inspiration and why. International Women’s Day is a day where women are recognized for their achievements without regard to divisions, whether national, ethnic, cultural, economic or political. It has been observed since the early 1900s and is now recognized every year on this day, March 8. Today we celebrate those women nearest to our hearts and those that are taking steps toward change. 

Who is your biggest female inspiration and why?

Alex Buffkin

“100% my mother. She is my best friend and the strongest, most selfless person I know. I would not be where I am today without her. She has supported both my brother and I, allowing us to grow up and become who we want to be and do what we love. As an owner of a company with over 50 employees. I look to her for advice when it comes to business ideas or crazy investment ideas that may or may not be the best for me. She truly inspires me to be be all that I can be and more.”

Carole Becker

“The female who post inspires me is my daughter, Charlotte. She inspires me to be stronger and have more self confidence. She inspires me to be silly. She inspires me to be hopeful in the future.”

Christopher Rassam

“Definitely my mother. She’s one of the strongest women I have ever known juggling household duties, teaching 5th grade full-time, handling extended family related issues and really being the glue that makes it all work. Everyone in my family looks to her for advice and input and I strive to mirror my daily habits after her.”

Dezireh Eyn

“My #1 biggest female inspiration will always be my grandmother because she exemplified everything a woman should be. She was elegant, classy, loving, warm, welcoming to all and she married the most inspirational and wonderful human being in this world – my grandfather. Not only did she attract my grandfather (to the point where he pursued her multiple times), but she empowered him and made him the happiest he could be.  She was the glue as well as the ‘neck’ of our family – but she was poised to the point that you could never tell that she was the one in the background orchestrating this wonderful tight knit family.”

Evan Walker

“My partner is the most inspiring woman in my life. I am in awe of her intelligence, courage, and ability to tirelessly self-motivate.”

FrankCarlos Taylor

“Maya Angelou is well known as a writer and poet, but she also was once a journalist, :night club performer, fry cook, and cast member of Porgy and Bess. She transformed her life by being an inspiration to others, using powerful words with themes of equality, identity, family, and love. “

Jeffrey Harris

“My biggest female inspiration is definitely my mother. The way she is able to work long hours at the hospital, while at the same time be the foundation for our family is truly remarkable. Her hard work inspires and motivates me, and also shows that if you work hard enough and stay dedicated to your craft, you can find success.”

Julie Dumas

“My biggest female inspiration is definitely my mom. She has so much strength, and raised me as a single parent while also advancing her career in Finance to make sure we were taken care of. She also has a killer sense of humor, and is truly my best friend. I hope I can be as successful as her one day!”

Julien Bettelheim

“Eleanor of Aquitaine (1122–1204) The first Queen of France. Two of her sons Richard (Lionheart) and John went on to become Kings of England. Educated, beautiful and highly articulate, Eleanor influenced the politics of western Europe through her alliances and influence over her sons. She was one of the most powerful and wealthiest women in western Europe during the High Middle Ages. She led armies several times in her life and was a leader of the Second Crusade.”

Khashy Eyn

“My biggest female inspiration is my sister, Dezireh. She is an extremely positive and motivated person and I get the honor of working by her side everyday. I have always admired how she has been able to turn the most negative situations into a positive outcome.  Also the fact that she has been dealing with me her life shows that she is able to basically deal with any type of person.”

Matthew Carmouche

“My sister, Hope, is one of my biggest inspirations in life. Being one of 11 children, Hope, helped my working parents raise more than half of our siblings including myself. Today, my sister is a single mother of a 13-year old daughter who’s as smart as hell and a severely disabled 11-year old daughter (who is SHARP). My sister is a stellar mother, sister, and advocate for girls living with Rett Syndrome. She challenges the laws and lawmakers to create legislation to help save the lives of the 1 in 22,000 girls affected by this disease in the United States.

Mark Buford

“My mother is one of my biggest inspirations.  She gave birth to me at the age of 20 and hustled HARD.  While I was in elementary school, my mom continued her education from the College of New Rochelle and received her bachelor’s degree.  While I was in middle school she then received her Master’s degree in Psychology. She started off as a temp for the NYS Board of education, then became a business manager, and currently holds a dual position as a UFT Union Delegate.

I get my kind nature and “go getter” attitude from my mom. My biggest inspiration!”

Suzanne Remy Colton

“Without a question of a doubt it would have to be my mother. Her internal fortitude, sacrifice and selflessness, till this day, has never ceased to amaze me. I can only hope to be just as strong as she has always been. I try to instill the same same values in my daughters as she has instilled in me. That is my tribute to her.”