A tourist’s first visit to New York City is an unforgettable and intoxicating experience.  Living here can be too! The powerful, yet elegant skyscrapers demand spectators’ exaggerated amazement, while they are engulfed by all the sounds of the bustling city.

Living in NYC is nothing like that first visit on a class trip or family vacation.  Calling NYC home is not for the faint of heart, but the city’s wild energy will be sure to make the relocation worthwhile. It’s important to be prepared for your move and have a plan of action to make moving into this vivacious city as smooth as possible.

In a continuous effort to provide exceptional resources for renters and buyers in the NYC market, we’ve put together a quick list of moving tips to help you prepare for the big day!

Now that you’ve decided to make the move, let one of our agents at Platinum Properties help you make NYC your home.

Do not underestimate your move.  Regardless of the type of move, it will undeniably require a significant amount of time, work, and effort.  Make sure you prepare days, or even weeks, before moving day. You don’t want to be up packing until the wee hours of the morning and turn into a zombie once you have to make the actual move.

Label your moving boxes properly and take inventory before you pack. You can keep it very simple with paper, clear tape, and a black permanent marker.  Or, take it up a notch with color-coded lists and labeling markers. Write on at least three sides of the box and assign a different color or label to each room. This will make uploading much quicker.

Hire movers, if you want to keep your friends.  Go for reputable and reliable moving companies with many positive reviews.  Some companies even offer a free month of storage or free packaging material.  If you are worried about the cost, call them up and get free estimates!  The reasons for hiring professionals for potential DIY jobs stand alone: safety, efficiency, and peace of mind. Also, if you are moving into a walk-up, your movers will know how to expertly angle your furniture to fit up those winding stairs.

No time for hoarding.  Moving is always a great excuse for upkeep.  Sort out what to keep, donate, or trash.  NYC apartments are notorious for the limited square footage, and lack of storage space, so don’t bring items to your new home that you really don’t need.

Affordable furniture in NYC is real.  Though it may seem unlikely, don’t forget that this city offers luxuries as well as steals across the board.  There are many furniture stores that will deliver right to your apartment.

Once you’re all set up in your new NYC apartment, explore the area and check out Platinum’s tips on how to get settled.