Attention FiDi families! KidVille’s “Mayor” Sadia Brangan spoke with us recently on the amazing services KidVille Fidi has to offer!

Tell us about Kidville – it’s goals and hopes as a fantastic family resource.

Kidville is a high-end Early Childhood Facility for children ages NB-6 years old and their families.  We offer a wide variety of classes in music, dance, art, sports/gym, enrichment as well as award-winning birthday parties on the weekends for children up to 9 years old.  We run a preschool for the school year September-June starting with 18 month olds and we do camp in the summer.  We also have a retail department stocked with the most novel toys available in the city and we have a very chic kid’s hair salon that is open Wednesdays-Sundays from 10am-5pm.  Membership is free to anyone taking a class and allows access to our state of the art gym for play space which is a great place to cool off on those hot, humid summer days or, of course, to warm up in the middle of winter when you can’t be in the parks.,

What makes Kidville different from other creative family centers the city has to offer?

Kidville is unique in that we offer so much under one roof.  We pay attention to the details and are constantly improving our classes/programs in order to offer the best learning experience possible for all our children.  When it comes to birthday parties our staff knows how to make sure that everything runs smoothly so parents can sit back and enjoy their special day and not have to worry about anything.  We are definitely on the higher end in terms of the quality of our teachers, the content of our curriculum/programs and the upkeep of our facility.

Tell us about some of your most exciting programs.

Our signature music class, Rockin’ Railroad, is an unforgettable experience for all.  It’s a four piece live band on stage that takes the children (and grownups) on a magical train journey.  In this movement class, we learn about travel etiquette, musical instruments and letter recognition.

Apart from our day to day, we are always striving to offer new classes,for instance this Spring/Summer we are offering Kidville Yoga (Mommy & Me as well as for older children), Kidville Karate and Kidville Tennis.  Our Preschool Program, run by our amazing director, Amy Ye, is the best around for those looking for an alternative to the traditional preschools.  In the fall, we hope to introduce some languages into our curriculum such as Mandarin, Spanish, French and/or Italian.

We are always doing special events like parties on Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s day and the most recent a fun-filled fiesta for Cinco De Mayo and we have started our weekend series called “Date Night Drop Off” to give our FiDi parents a chance to have dinner/drinks in the hood while we entertain their children in our facility.

FiDi is fast becoming THE destination for growing families as it is currently in a development revitalization, how does KidVille feel about being here?

We are beyond excited to be here- to be part of bringing everyone close. It’s such an amazing time for us, whether you live or work down here-to see all these unique, world – renowned architectural structures going up and to see these structures change the skyline of Manhattan and to be able to point to a building in a picture or from a distance in a car/plane/train to say look that’s where we live or that’s where I work, is such a great feeling.  We are in the part of the city right now that is the most energized and it’s great to be a part of that.

What would Kidville want FiDi parents to know about this location?

It’s a little oasis in the middle of the hustle and bustle where families can relax, feel secure and spend some quality time with their kids. Learning and growing through fun activities and enjoying the services we offer.

We want to create a sense of community here for families and their caregivers–a feeling of belonging and a resource for information- to make their lives easier and better by offering a space where they can relax, meet other families and do so much in just one facility.

We hope to be a neighborhood place where our kids can meet other kids growing up here, where other parents can meet other parents here and where nannies/caregivers can meet the same.  It’s so important to know our neighbors, to keep watch on all of our children here and in this way become a closer, tight-knit community.

What is the summer looking like for KidVille, it may be a hot one!

We are taking a nice cool approach to the summer. We still continue to offer our classes but in addition we have a great camp organized. People can enroll from 2 to 16 weeks of camp depending on their summer schedules. Our camp is offered to children as young as 18 months old and great for both parents and/or caregivers to get out of the sun, not worry about applying sunscreen every 2 hours and let the children get all their energy out in our cool gym.

Any closing thoughts or information readers should know?

Families are always welcome to do a tour of our facility and do a FREE trial class before enrolling.  We are here to make everyone’s life easier so if you don’t like a class you enrolled in you have up to 4 weeks to swap into another or if you miss any class due to sickness, vacation, naps etc you can always do a make-up so you get exactly what you paid for–VERY rare in these types of programs.  I know because I’ve been there with my own kids so that’s a tremendous savings right there.

We would love to offer Platinum clients a special promo code that will give them $75 off their first class.  Just put in PP75 into check out or call us to process!

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