So, you and your four-legged friend are making the move to NYC. Your biggest concerns are now that your building may not allow pets or how your fuzzy friend will adjust.
First off, make sure your building allows pets. While many buildings do, some willrestrict the size of your pet to 15 pounds or less. In the event that the building does not allow pets, sometimes, you have the option to appeal to the building’s board when you can present your case. Sadly though, if they disapprove, you will have to find another place to move.
Keep in mind, moving to the city, into an apartment building, means more of a challenge for early morning or late night walks. If possible, live on a lower floor for less of a hassle.
For those moving to NYC with a full time job, consider hiring a dog walker so that your four-legged friend isn’t alone in your apartment all day.
Also, be sure to get a dog license with the city of the New York. That way, just in case your dog ever goes missing, authorities can help you located your pet. This is especially important for you while you are adjusting to the big city, yourself.
Get ready for long walks through Central Park and along the Hudson River. You and your pooch are going to love NYC!