New year, new home office in NYC!  While many NYC apartments are on the smaller side, it is possible tomaximize space and make room for a home office. Now you may be caught up in holiday hub-bub, but it’s time to plan ahead. This time of year is quintessentially known for the anticipated introspection follow-up to a gluttonous Thanksgiving feast, maddening Black Friday and bustling Cyber Monday.   With the New Year coming up, we ambitiously, yet optimistically, set checklists for ourselves, like our agent Racquel Popovic’s “Love thy co-broking agent… or try,” or Ruth Zapata’s fitness dream of sprinting up 86 flights at the Empire State Building’s Run Up this coming February – good luck friends!

While some New Year’s goals are set to challenge us, there are others that are more attainable – like setting up a home office in an NYC apartment.  As a true New Yorker, assertive and bold, never assume anything is beyond your reach.  Follow our tips on how to set up home office furniture in even the smallest of spaces!



How to Office Furniture in NYC – A crossroads for charm and practicality

​1. Functionality is greater than cosmetology: Consider your workflow before you plan the design. Only buy the furniture you need and will be comfortable using. Curb the urge to buy that must-have desk from Restoration Hardware and think of how you’ll use it, or even better, how often you’ll use that thousand dollar office furniture piece.  Storage matters as some items will need to be at your fingertips, while others can be out of sight. Or at least until you summon them Harry-Potter style – Accio Tax Returns!


2. Location, location, location: While it means everything in the real estate world, it doesn’t have to in your home office.  Don’t fret if you cannot designate an entire room, and rather try to incorporate home office furniture into an already present space.  Whether a nook, or the focal point of a room, one simple piece can make your space the NYC home office of your HGTV dreams.  Don’t forget that a few floating shelves and an accent chair can be ideal for NYC home office spaces too!


3. Not just another room: Your office furniture should complement the rest of your apartment décor.  If you’re shooting for a traditional, warm ambiance, soften it up with a wooden desk and a comfortable, quaint chair.  Is modern chic more your style?  Contemporary artwork and multi-function furniture should be your go-to.


4. Color Palette: Sometimes a workspace can help bring the room décor together.  Don’t try to hide the office furniture away, instead why not showcase it?  While minimal and modern tend to be better for smaller spaces, bold and eclectic can be beautiful too! The furniture style that will motivate you to work best is the way to go.


5. Think Vertical: Notable for micro-apartments, New York City is not the most generous with (horizontal) square footage.  So think upwards!  There are plenty of equally stylish, yet functional, office furniture add-ons like leaning desks. Onwards and upwards. A comfortable home office space will motivate you to work to your full potential.

Luckily for you, there are apartments that come with home offices.  But where can you possibly find these gems?  Right here in the Platinum District!