It’s the time of year when people across the world start reflecting on all the things they didn’t do in 2016 and start planning out everything they want to accomplish in 2017. Typical New Year’s resolutions include shedding those extra pounds, spending more time at the gym, bulking up a savings account, taking that trip you’ve only been daydreaming about or finally finding a new job so you can leave the one you hate.

While NYC residents seem to have no problem making the standard New Year’s resolutions, there are a few unlikely goals we and our neighbors should work toward this year. So, while others are sweating it up in the gym or burying their heads in more books, try out some of these resolutions made by and for New Yorkers. After all, your 2017 goals should be just as unique as the city you live in.

Become a tourist in your own city.

If you ask the average New Yorker if they’ve been to the 9/11 Memorial or the Statue of Liberty, most of them will probably say no. It’s just an unspoken rule that the majority of us don’t spend time among the city’s tourists because we “don’t have time for that.” While ending up in a slow-moving group of tourists may be a common NYC annoyance, we can’t forget what a magical city we live in.

Next year, make a point of seeing some of those iconic NYC hot spots and play tourist in your own city. Swing by Magnolia Bakery for a cupcake and then head up to Top of the Rock and take selfies with the Empire State Building. Hop on the Staten Island Ferry and take in the sights of Lady Liberty followed by a walk over the Brooklyn Bridge. One day, when you say farewell to our fair city, you may wish you had spent some days soaking up the sights.

Improve your Subway Etiquette.

Subway etiquette in NYC, or lack thereof, has become a major topic of conversation for most New Yorkers. Standing in front of the subway doors during rush hour slows down the train boarding process. Not offering your seat to an elderly or pregnant woman is just plain rude. Listening to music without ear buds is disruptive to those that may be reading. Regardless of the rules, not many people in the city seem to follow them.

It only takes a handful of people being polite on the subway to change the traveling experience for residents and tourists alike. Be that little bit of change you’d like to see during your commute in 2017!

Be the Unlikely NYC Neighbor.

In the city that never sleeps, we all seem to get caught up in where we’re going and how quickly, avoiding our neighbors at all costs. Make a point in 2017 of spreading a little happiness to the people that you interact with on a daily basis.

Ask your deli guy how his day is going as he’s making your favorite sandwich. Strike up a conversation with your super when he seems like he’s having a rough day. Offer to water your neighbor’s plants when you know she’s headed off on a two-week vacation. Ask your taxi cab driver what he loves about living in New York. Act like a Midwesterner in tough NYC, and you’d be surprised by the smiles and kindness you’ll get in return. Underneath that tough exterior, many New Yorkers love the chance the talk about themselves and this great city they live in. So add in a few New York resolutions this holiday season and make our great city even better in 2017.