Are you an executive on a short-term assignment or vising for a seminar and looking for short term New York accommodation? Or perhaps you are a working couple in the midst of renovations and need to stay close to your office? Either way, the amount you are willing pay for temporary accommodation in New York City will make a difference in how much you enjoy your stay. Options like AirBnB and Craigslist are helpful if you are on a budget, but weeding through to find the legitimate listings and verifying price points can be time consuming and frustrating – and even then, it might not be your ideal accommodation in New York.

Here are some tips to find that perfect temporary accommodation in New York City:

1. Talk to an NYC Realtor

While many people think a temporary living situation can be cheap, temporary New York accommodations can still be pricey. Expectations and demand may exceed what is actually on the market. An experienced agent may have a temporary situation on his radar and know of an apartment left empty by tenants fleeing for warm weather, or a travelling businessman who rarely steps foot in his home.

2. Use your Social Network

Are you coming to New York for two weeks with a friend? Post on social media. Maybe someone has a cousin who has a co-worker with a free room.

3. AKA

For higher-end accommodations, AKA is an ideal solution for furnished executive apartments for a week, month or longer. Located in prime Manhattan real estate like Central Park, Sutton Place, Times Square and the United Nations, AKA is a go-to for celebrities filming on location in NYC and looking for short-term New York accommodation.

4. Listings Project

Created by artist Stephanie Diamond, Listings Project is a weekly list of available artist studios and apartments based on outreach by “rentees”. You can sign up for free if you are looking for creative temporary accommodation in New York.

5. Churchill Corporate Services

A 30-year old relocation company, Churchill Corporate Services is a great provider for all short-term rental needs in New York. From temporary furniture rental to insurance coverage, Churchill is an experienced source with concierge services, such as pre-arrival grocery shopping and transportation arrangement.

Your first step to finding temporary New York accommodation starts with a knowledgeable NYC Realtor.Contact our team at Platinum Properties today!