Here’s the situation: You have a nice apartment that’s priced well for the market, but for some reason, nobody has put in any good offers.

Here’s the problem: Buyers lack some serious imagination.

During apartment showings, people tend to walk into a unit and subconsciously expect to see the apartment of their dreams – furniture and décor included.

Further issues arise when:

  • The apartment décor doesn’t suit their tastes
  • The apartment is totally empty!

Properly staging an apartment—whether you hire a professional or decide to do it on your own – is the key to finally seeing offers on the table.

Here are our tips about staging and how to use it to your best advantage when trying to sell your home.


1. Staging and Interior Design are NOT the Same Thing

  • They actually have the complete opposite purposes
  • Interior design focuses on personalized décor for the person who lives there
  • Staging is focused on creating an atmosphere that appeals to everyone and scares off no one
  • Staging is a form of visual merchandising (think: clothes on mannequins in store windows)


2. Return on Investment

  • Don’t be afraid of the idea of using money to make money
  • The more you put in, the more you get out
  • Great staging will make it more likely for you to receive full asking price
  • Don’t go too over the top – you can mix up high-end and inexpensive items for a luxurious look without breaking the bank


3. First Impressions are Important

  • Potential buyers won’t be planning to hang out at your open house all day
  • Everything has to look great at a first glance
  • Don’t have anything on display that would distract buyers from the rest of the home
  • You want visitors to remember how nice the place was when first walking in


4. Make Rooms Look as Spacious as Possible

  • Nobody wants to envision themselves living in a garbage dump
  • Using mirrors to reflect light will create the illusion of more space
  • Don’t over-decorate – it’ll make the space seem cramped


5. Neutralize Everything

  • Choose colors and décor that are neither too feminine nor masculine
  • Nothing with relation to religion – you don’t want to offend anybody
  • Neutral doesn’t mean boring
  • Just stay away from anything too striking – it could easily put off a buyer


6. Don’t Forget the Bathroom

  • The bathroom should basically have a similar set-up to a hotel
  • Display folded white towels
  • No one needs to know what brand of leave-in conditioner you use – get rid of all personal hygiene products
  • Please… keep the toilet seat down


7. Don’t Make it or Take it Personal

  • Everyone has different likes and dislikes
  • What might be your favorite thing could be another person’s pet peeve
  • Put away any photographs or other personal items
  • Let’s be real: buyers aren’t interested in who you are, they’re interested in your apartment



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