Do you lose sleep at night, imagining how awesome your NYC apartment would be if you could, say, upgrade the bathroom or make the kitchen feel more open? Well, we figured if you’re already daydreaming about the renovations you’d like to make, the least we could do is share which updates are trending amongst New Yorkers right now. Get ready for some sleepless nights while you try to manifest your next-door neighbor suddenly deciding to sell.

Combining apartments

Moving is not on the top of the list of fun things to do in New York. Which is why more and more New Yorkers are snapping up a neighbor’s apartment when it hits the market. Or, homebuyers are purchasing two or more apartments from the beginning with the intent to combine them. We’re not going to lie – this is a huge project that requires a team of skilled professionals. It’s also important to understand the costs and whether or not it’s worth the investment, especially considering you’ll be paying monthly fees for more than one place. But it is exciting to think about what you’d do with all that space.

Opening up kitchens

Open concept kitchens have been popular for a long time, and the trend doesn’t look to be dying out anytime soon. And why should it? New Yorkers are always getting crafty about making a small space feel big, and one easy way to do that is to open up the space. In addition, it seems city dwellers are also keen on using manmade materials for countertops, such as concrete or quartz, and wrapping those materials around the sides of cabinets to create a waterfall effect.

Subdividing rooms

On the opposite end of combining apartments and opening up kitchens, subdividing rooms is also popular right now. It’s not unusual to see New Yorkers turning a studio apartment into a one-bedroom, or adding a second bedroom when you’ve got a baby on the way. Again – making your current space work is often less of a headache than moving to a new apartment. As with anything in NYC, there are regulations about adding a room to your place, so be sure you understand the rules.

Adding laundry

Who doesn’t fantasize about having a washer and dryer inside their apartment? Is there anything more luxurious? Being able to ditch the weekly schlep to the Laundromat is like the Holy Grail in NYC, which is why New Yorkers are doing whatever they can to make space for in-house laundry. Be aware that gas dryers require proper exhaust. If there is no way to do that in your apartment you’ll need to get an electric dryer instead. Electric dryers are very common in New York, even if most people prefer the drying power of gas.

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