Meet our team: Suzanne Colton

Join us for a casual conversation with an amazing individual who helps make Platinum Properties such a special place for our agents, staff, and clients. 

Platinum: How did you first become interested in real estate?

Suzanne: My family. My grandfather was a developer in New Jersey. My father used to buy the buildings that he conducted business in. And when I got older I worked for my father, managing the real estate attached to each corporation that he ran.  I did that for years before getting married and then having a family.

It was only really this past New Year’s Day that I decided that I wanted to take it to the next level. A friend of mine Heather McVeigh, who I currently work with and I, had a long discussion and discovered we were on the same page. We took our classes immediately,  received our licenses, and were lucky enough to get hired by the same firm!

Platinum: So when you started your real estate career you already had an in-depth understanding about what a real estate career looks like?

Suzanne: Even with my history and experience, I had no clue what was I in for.  Because Platinum Properties has such an unbelievable training program down on Wall Street, they were able to take somebody with absolutely no real computer knowledge and no listing knowledge and nurtured me into something that I never thought I could be.

Platinum: How did reality differ from your expectations? What are some things that you were just kind of blown away by or that were unexpected requirements of the job?

Suzanne: The interview that I had with Dezireh while informative, was also very unexpected because I felt we connected immediately. We were both very family oriented, had strong ties and respect for our parents and while we did discuss real estate, and expectations, I remember walking out of the interview just liking her and had the sense that Platinum would be a great company to work for. It wasn’t until I was two weeks in that I was totally blown away at the time commitment and what dedication it truly takes to succeed in this business.

Platinum: Can you take us through what the day looks like for you?

Suzanne: I get up every morning around 3:30 and start my routine. Right away, I reach for my phone and check any leads that may have come in during the course of the night. I answer my emails. I look at listings. Once that’s done, I get ready for work and hop on the 522 train and then a subway. It’s an hour and a half commute so I take that time to work, as well.

When I get to the office, I turn on the lights and start working. I like the peace and quiet in the morning because I can focus and plan my day. I see where I’m going and what I’m going to be looking at. My days are filled with checking posts, reposting, creating and running ads, setting appointments, and hopefully showing listings. That really takes all day.

Platinum: What do you with your spare time?

Suzanne: I live in a big, crazy household with my mother, brother and two of my four kids.

I also continue to run the family commercial real estate side of the business. There’s always something that needs attention, plus I love to cook… There’s not a lot of spare time, and I’m working on finding a better balance, but I love what I do.

Platinum: What’s your favorite part about it? What’s your least favorite part about it?

Suzanne: To be honest, when I’m on the train so early in the morning it’s easy to feel isolated. But when the subway service says “ Next stop, Wall Street”, it gives me chills because it’s such a powerful place to be. In the financial district, opportunity is everywhere. It’s an amazing way to start each day. It is one of the things that drives me and that’s one of my favorite things. I work with a lot of very friendly people and enjoy the atmosphere here. My least favorite part is how much time I spend away from my family. I do miss them a lot. Like I said, I’m working on a better balance.

Platinum: Do you have a favorite part of Manhattan?

Suzanne: There’s a lot of great places in New York, but my heart is here right now. The seaport is beautiful. The magnificence of these landmark buildings that have been  converted into apartments with unbelievable floor plans and layouts, the New York Stock Exchange is on the corner, the history alone is remarkable. I can stroll down to the East River and then walk to Battery Park to see the Hudson River and the Statue of Liberty with in minutes of each other.

Platinum: What philosophy do you live by that helps keep you motivated?

Suzanne:My philosophy is that I want to treat my clients as family. I want them to know that if they need anything I am right around the corner for them. I have had a lot of clients who have never rented an apartment before, let alone in New York. I watch them transform before my eyes.  They are wary of real estate agents but I try so hard to let them know I am going to do my very best to show them apartments they will like and be comfortable in. I then will teach them how to budget themselves and stay with them all through the process and afterwards. I tell their parents the same thing too.If they need something for their child, I am there for them too. I tell them to call me 24/7, and I mean it! I would want someone to do the same for my own. I’m more than just somebody that’s going to just rent any apartment so I can quickly collect commissions. I really do care about these people a lot. That’s important to me and that is what motivates me.

A special thanks to Suzanne Colton. Learn more and contact Suzanne directly at 914-447-4524 or through our website.