Meet our team: Jesse Klein

Join us for a casual conversation with an amazing individual who helps make Platinum Properties such a special place for our agents, staff and clients. 


Platinum: ​How did you get started in real estate?

Jesse: ​I studied Finance and went to work for Pricewaterhousecoopers, Citigroup and Cushman Wakefield where I focused on commercial real estate. Ultimately however, I wanted to work real estate in Manhattan. Here, I cut my teeth working for a private investor. I handled a variety of responsibilities, from brokering commercial leasing transactions to residential leasing transactions, touring properties, meeting with brokers, lenders and appraisers, and managing tenant issues.

Platinum:​ What does your day looks like now? What do you work on a daily basis?

Jesse: ​I try not to limit myself. I like to work on as many different projects as possible. My days have included meeting with a client in the morning to tour office spaces for lease, looking at a multi-family building for an investor client, meeting with a couple personal clients looking to purchase residential property, working with landlords to represent them, all in a single day. No two days are the same!

I like to keep myself busy. Having experience with a structured work environment has been incredibly helpful. I’m able to organize my days to be as efficient as possible. I think a lot of agents will agree it’s easy to get lost in a moment and start spinning your wheels. You have to capitalize as much as you can on the time that you have available.

Platinum: ​What philosophies do you live by?

Jesse: ​Set short term goals, long term goals and everything in between. A quote I like said, “If your dreams don’t scare you, they aren’t big enough” That’s still something that I live by. Dream big and set the precedent for yourself.

Platinum: ​What excites you the most about 2018? What are you most hopeful or excited or passionate about looking forward to doing this year?

Jesse:​ Every year I try to outdo the previous year. It’s my 5th year with Platinum and, fortunately, it’s continuing to trend upward. I expose myself to new opportunities, try to network with as many people as possible in all aspects of the industry. Eventually, my goal is to become an investor too.

A special thanks to Jesse Klein.  Learn more and contact Jesse directly at 914-980-6932 or through our website. Also, connect with Jesse on Instagram and Facebook.