We recently spoke with four of our most debonair agents at Platinum Properties: Timur, Cynthia, Rachel and Anne Marie, an up and coming group of professionally polished go-getters, on the importance of the visual representation of oneself in the competitive, luxury real estate game.

Why is it important to dress the part?

Timur: “When you look good, you feel good and others can feel that energy the moment they shake your hand.”

Anne Marie: “When first approaching a client, they have already made 100 different assessments about who you are and whether or not you are qualified to assist them in their search.  Wear a t-shirt and jeans and your too cool to care, but wear a well-tailored suit and you command respect.”

How much does professional representation matter in the real estate industry?

Rachel: “I think it matters a great deal. You’re only with a client for a short amount of time trying to gain their trust on what is one of the most important purchases in their lives.”

Cynthia: “I believe you need to use common sense as an individual. It can mean a difference of a client renting with you or another broker – very important.”

Have you noticed any difference in client feedback when you have a particular outfit or professional suit on?

Timur: “The nicer I am dressed, the more flirts I get. Kidding, the taste we have in our clothes gives a bit of insight to our lives for our clients. Good energy and vibes are contagious and it will create a better environment for your showing.

Rachel: “I have actually noticed a difference. I have clients compliment me on my shoes, colorful blazers, my manicure, my eyebrows, even my accessories and it opens up the lines of communication and now my client and I feel just a little more comfortable with each other. It shows that I take care of myself, so why wouldn’t I take care of them as clients.”

Is it right to judge based on appearance; does it come with the real estate territory?

Anne Marie: “Looks matter and it is a lot easier to sell beauty while looking beautiful.”

Timur: “They are not judging our appearance, more so our professionalism and suits are our uniforms.”

Cynthia: “I think it comes with the Sales Industry in general, which real estate falls into.”

What are dressing no-no’s for real estate – what have you seen that is memorably bad?

Cynthia: I would say no-no’s are miniskirts, shoulder less tops , dresses with low open back, flip flops, ripped jeans and tight clothing that reveals everything.”

Timur: “Shorts. Keep your hairy legs to yourself, mate.”

Finally, does the suit make the man/woman, or does the woman/man make the suit!?

Anne Marie: “I’d have to say this definitely goes both ways.  While a great sales person could most likely sell regardless of attire, dressing well brings a confidence that flip flops and jeans can’t offer.”

Rachel:  “The woman makes the suit of course! Clothing is superficial, but what is does is give you the opportunity to showcase a part of yourself as a person before you even open up your mouth. So what you wear should represent a little piece of who you are.”

Timur: “The person makes the clothes, and the most important thing is your smile and your kindness. No Armani suit can make the person more bearable if he is just not the right apple.”

Cynthia: Looks are one thing but if you can’t hold a conversation, be personable and back up that suit – it doesn’t matter what you wear. Man/woman makes the suit!


Christina Mattow