Platinum Properties’s dynamic and strength comes from its family environment. Founded by a magnetic brother/sister team, the collaborative atmosphere and collective energy drives our successful agents to be innovative and inspired personnel.

We recently took a survey to delve into the lives of our amazing Platinum Real Estate Team. What we found out is that you learn a bit more about your neighbors and friends every day!

Learn more about what drives our team to success with these survey questions:

1.      Where will you be travelling for Thanksgiving 2015?

West Palm Beach, Connecticut, Michigan and the most beautiful state of New Jersey!

2.      How many cups of coffee do you drink a day?

Platinum team averages 3 cups per day – we’re wired and ready to go!

3.      What’s your favorite dish to cook?

Cauliflower pizza, Truffle Tuna Tarts, Almond Pancakes mmmm, 3 for Mac N’ Cheese! Potluck round 2 please!

4.      Other than New York, what’s your favorite city?

1/3 of our office loves Miami! Paris is a sweet second while someone absolutely loves Stockholm, who knew!?

5.      What’s your favorite FiDi lunch spot?

Top answers:

1.      Harry’s

2.      Pita Press

3.      Every single sushi spot in FiDi was named. Obviously, we love sushi!

6.      If you could have 1 superpower, it would be

Top answers:

1.      FLY!

2.      Mind reading (client mind reading?)

3.      To snap my fingers and MAKE IT RAIN $$!

7.      What are you hoping Santa brings you for Christmas?

  • Chanel everything (yassss!)
  • A new Audi (I’ll take stick, black on black)
  • New sweaters & button down shirts (someone’s running low)
  • I’m Jewish, but I’d still like him to bring me money (Mazel Tov!)

8.      What’s your #1 vacation destination for 2016?

Machu Picchu, Bora Bora, Barcelona, Japan, Thailand

9.      How many dog owners do we have at Platinum?

This went all kinds of wrong – the team thought they were being asked to estimate dog owners and answered random numbers like 8, 24, 3 … that’s “ruff

10.  Shoutout to BK – how many of us call BK home?

This averaged 4 employees – fuggedaboutit!

11.  Any hidden talents?

Someone is secretly a Krav Maga master, we have a real ballerina in our midst and a couple of us can whistle … like, really well (applause).

12.  In 3 short words, name one short term goal.

Platinum agents mostly agree, BRING the CHA- CHING! We are all hoping to make more money soon … segue to working at the most prominent brokerage in the Financial District, #Platinum District!

13.  What word comes to mind when you think of FiDi?

Wall Street, Opportunity, Success and Platinum! We are here!

14.  How many kids do you ultimately want?

Platinum staff wants an average of 3 kiddies!

Someone wants 0 kids, but 10 dogs (same thing really), while someone (crazy) is hoping for a house full of 10 kids!

15.  We all had it, what was officially your “awkward age”?

Top Answers:

1.      13 was a doozy for most of us – bad haircuts, braces and the early 90’s got us bad.

2.      All of middle school (sorry)

3.      23, aka RIGHT NOW (very sorry)

16.  How many times a day do you check your social media (honestly)?

We are glued to our phones at least 10x a day at Platinum. A couple of us admit to it being all day/too much – touché.

17.  A great meal or fabulous drink – what’s your liking?

We love cosmos, whiskey, but as a team we are definitely foodies!

18.  The greatest movie ever made is …?

Top answers:

1.      Forrest Gump

2.      Goodfellas

3.      Wedding Crashers!

19.  How many years of experience do you have in the real estate industry?

We average 3 years in the industry and a young and savvy group of agents. We do have a few seasoned employees here 10 years+.

20.  What do you like most about working at Platinum Properties?

Top answers:

1.      Family atmosphere

2.      Positive office culture

3.      Dez  (our wonderful COO)


Would you like the join the wonderful Platinum team? Email us at [email protected]!