If you’ve recently made the move to the Big Apple, it’s likely that you haven’t experienced all four seasons yet. Our summers are really hot and our winters are super cold.

After one of the worst winters in NYC to date, it’s important to be well-prepared.

1.    Layers

·       This tip is pretty obvious, but it’s still worth mentioning.

·       Make sure sensitive areas like your hands, feet, ears and nose are wrapped up nicely or well covered.

·       It’s always better to be able to remove some layers if you’re too warm, rather than wish you put extra on before leaving your apartment.

2.    Dry shoes with newspaper

·       Drying off leather shoes by putting them next to a heating source can actually damage or wrinkle the shoes.

·       Instead of placing your boots next to the radiator, try stuffing and wrapping your shoes with newspaper.

·       Use rubber bands to keep the newspaper secure.

3.    Mittens

·       If you’re not afraid to sacrifice a bit of mobility, mittens actually keep your fingers much warmer than gloves.

·       More body heat is generated when the fingers are bundled up with each other.

·       Make sure to get a pair of waterproof mittens, or else you’ll be freezing from just slight contact with snow.

·       If you’d prefer the best of both worlds, try finding a nice pair of “glittens”.

4.    Expose the radiator

·       Rearrange your furniture in the apartment so that the heating source isn’t blocked.

·       At least make sure that there is space between the radiator and whatever is in front of it.

·       Keep the doors of rooms open to allow the heat to circulate throughout the home.

5.    Draft guards

·       Installing draft guards on external doors and windows can help to keep heat from escaping your home.

·       These are also great for saving some money on your heating and energy bills.

·       Draft guards are cheap in stores and also easy to make at home.

6.    Light therapy

·       Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is very real and usually occurs when the temperatures begin to drop.

·       Light therapy lamps give all the benefits of sunlight exposure while filtering out harmful UV light.

·       Aside from lifting your mood, these lamps also help you to get a better night of sleep by resetting your body’s internal clock.

7.    Put up curtains

·       You can purchase a set of thermal curtains, but heavy-duty curtains will also do the trick.

·       Choose a dark shade such as black, brown, grey, or navy blue.

·       Keep the curtains open during the day to let in sunlight, then shut them when the sun sets to trap in all the heat.

Don’t let the cold temperatures of a typical NYC winter scare you. There’s a reason why people from all over the world travel to this city during the holidays.

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