New York City has its own unique architectural elements and apartment types, but what about the rest of the country? Depending on what part of America you live in, you’ll have dozens of style options to choose from when selecting a new home. Whether you like the traditional Craftsman-style homes of the Northeast, the Ranch-style homes of the Southwest or the Art Deco homes of South Florida you will have no shortage of options across our beautiful country. What’s your favorite?

Craftsman-style homes were given this name because of their birth during the Arts and Crafts Movement. This was a time when people were attempting to preserve art during an Industrial Era that focused on mass production of, well, everything. Enjoy natural elements like stone, wood and brick, with big front porches and exposed beams. Charm, charm, charm is the name of this game.

Speaking of charm, have you seen the wannabe dollhouses of the Victorian era? This style home came on the scene between 1830 and 1910 during – you guessed it –  Queen Victoria’s reign! These homes boast ornate details, large porches, shingles and gorgeous trim. It’s truly a delicate, antique dream.

Cottage homes are things fairytales of made of. The name comes from the term “cotters,” which were European peasant farmers in the Middle Ages that lived in this type of home. Cottages are usually smaller homes made with stone or wood material. You can typically expect some bright colors and a stone or brick path leading up to one of these quaint abodes.

Ranch-style homes hail from the 1930s and were influenced by the ranches of the Wild West. These homes are all about convenience and can either have a single-floor or split-level floor plan. They usually have an attached garage and easy access to outdoor space. Practicality is the ranch home’s best asset.

This is a home built for a Greek god. Neoclassical homes are influenced by ancient Greek and Roman architecture. You’ll often see this type of building across capital cities and universities in the U.S. These homes embrace ornate details with tall columns and huge doorways. You’ll feel like royalty in one of these neoclassical homes.

This name is a bit ironic as most “modern-style” homes were built 50 years ago, which separates it from a “contemporary-style” home. As you would expect, these homes are open in nature and like to show off their clean, geometric lines. Simplicity and elegance is the appeal that comes with living in a modern home.

Between the years 1918 and 1940, Mediterranean style homes became a staple in the U.S. They were influenced by, as you would expect, the Mediterranean region of Europe. These homes typically have red tile roofs and plaster surfaces of warm, vibrant colors. You might just feel like you stepped into a Spanish hacienda in one of these homes.

And we’re just scratching the surface. One of the beautiful things about homes in America is there are so many global influences to keep things interesting. Regardless of your “style” home, ultimately your home is as unique as you and can never truly be categorized!