When shopping for a new apartment in New York City, you’ll hear your agent talk about doorman and non-doorman buildings.

It seems like a 24-hour doorman is the popular choice, but is it really all it’s been hyped up to be?

Platinum Properties is breaking down the benefits and disadvantages of moving into a doorman building.


Pro: Safety

Knowing that someone is checking in on every person that walks through the door will help you sleep at night.

Con: Privacy

People are inherently nosy – doormen are no different. Be wary of staff members that may be keen to gossip about residents in your building.

Pro: Mail

No need to worry about being home on time for a delivery or, even worse, missing your delivery time and having to travel to the post office to pick up your package.

Your doorman will take care of all of that for you.

Con: Tipping

It’s common courtesy to tip someone that provides you with service.

It may seem like a small fare each time you do this, but it will quickly add up.

Don’t forget to tip extra during the holidays!

Pro: Organization

There is nothing worse than having to go through a dirty lobby or hallway when you get home from work.

A doorman will pay attention to cleanliness and make sure that the staff takes care of it.

Con: Small Talk

If you’re not one who enjoys engaging in small talk, a doorman may not be for you.

Be prepared to do it a lot more than usual, especially if you’re waiting for an elevator.

Pro: Extra Hand

Making trips from the taxi at the curb to your door with all your groceries can be pretty tough.

Your doorman will usually make sure to help to minimize your trip.

Con: Pricey

Where do you think a doorman’s salary comes from? Your rent of course!

Expect a doorman building to have higher rent than a building without one.



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