Making the move to New York City can be exciting, but it can also be a big adjustment. Having a few insider tips on how to get around and what to look out for can help to make your transition to NYC go smoothly. Use this guide and soon you’ll fit right in with all of the other native New Yorkers in our fine city.

1. Riding that Train

The MTA is amazing. It runs 24/7 and can take you just about anywhere you’d like to go in any of the five boroughs for just $2.75. But it’s also one of the things New Yorkers most like to complain about. Here’s how to make sure you can plan ahead and not end up getting lost.

  • Going out on the weekend? Plan extra time for your trip. Trains tend to run less frequently on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.
  • Let the people off first before getting on the subway. It’s basic subway etiquette, and knowing this little rule will help you to become a commuting pro.
  • Up or down? In Manhattan uptown and downtown are the main way that directions are differentiated. Double check that you’re going the right way. Even seasoned veterans sometimes make mistakes. Listen to the loud overhead announcements as you get to your platform, as sometimes the directions change due to track work.
  • Get an unlimited 30-day pass. You can save time at the turnstile and some money too. These passes let you ride as much as you want for one monthly rate.


2. Start Saving

Yep, you’re not imagining it. The cost of living is higher here. Everything from food to transportation is going to cost you, so begin looking for little ways to save money. Plan on cooking meals at home during the week, and then splurge at one of your neighborhood restaurants on the weekends. Lunch is cheaper than dinner, so think a midday meal with friends for extra savings. Opt for the subway over cabs whenever possible, and if you have to take a cab, try to share the cost with some of your friends. Don’t forget to get the IDNYC identification card, which can be used as both an official form of ID and a way to get discounts at local businesses all over the city.

3. Walk Fast

And try not to get to annoyed with tourists. New Yorkers are speed walkers, and they don’t have time for people who are stopping to gawk at the empire state building and snap endless photos. Don’t forget that not too long ago, that was you, and maybe take a moment to appreciate the incredible city that’s now your home.

4. Start to Build Your Community

Out of towners may think New Yorkers are tough, but they can be pretty great neighbors when you get to know them. Explore your neighborhood and start to pick out your regular spots. Don’t be afraid to introduce yourself to the owner of your local bodega. If you engage with your local barista, you may be surprised when they’re serving you “the regular” every morning and maybe slipping in an extra doughnut in.

5. But The World Is Your Oyster Without Leaving City Limits

When you are in the mood for exploring think beyond the regular New York experiences and tourist traps. This city is home to cultures, people and food from all around the world. So travel to Flushing to enjoy amazing dumplings, eat Greek Food in Astoria or try a Bolivian dish in Sunset Park. Sure, there’s a time and place for Times Square, but there’s so much more to the city than pictures with Elmo or looking for Naked Cowboy.



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