Working with a broker can save you lots of time when searching for a new apartment rental. New York City is a city like no other, a large island with millions of people and living options from the affordable to unimaginable. There is much more to consider in Manhattan than finding what’s within budget.

Newcomers to Manhattan looking for their first city apartment need to know the distinct neighborhoods the city boasts. Each area is alive with its own culture and flair. Platinum Properties Neighborhood Guide is an excellent way to learn what neighborhood works with your needs: choose more green space for your dog or children, pick a neighborhood bustling with nightlife and the finest restaurants, or look for that special apartment where the city is a little quieter and more peaceful. Knowing what type of apartment and area you are seeking is key to making the right apartment decision.

Though it may seem like a large extra expense when you are already about to pay thousands for your first month’s rent and security deposit, brokers can be your best friend when navigating this huge city. Platinum Properties brokers are expert rental agents. They know the city, the neighborhoods, the best building for you, and the best price that can be negotiated. With so many housing options, a rental agent’s knowledge can lead you to your dream apartment much faster than researching everything on your own. A broker can also save you a major headache of scheduling appointments and sitting at your computer for hours on end to no avail.

If you’re in a hurry to sign a lease, a rental agent can work wonders at lightning speed. They are privy to great deals on amazing apartments and can get you in place on a timeline. Most importantly, agents can provide seasoned guidance on paperwork submittal and the approval process.

Apartment hunting is daunting, extremely time consuming, and confusing. A real estate agent’s help can save you a lot of effort and constant website checking, which no one has time for on such a busy NYC schedule.

Find Your Place, Make Your Move! Let our rental experts get you started on finding the right place for you.